Zenless Zone Zero codes (July 2024)

The world of New Eridu has a vast array of characters you can meet, but you need lots of resources if you want to become stronger in Zenless Zone Zero. Gathering the items you need is tough, but luckily for gamers, there are codes you can redeem for free loot.

While you’ll accumulate plenty of items and currencies throughout your ZZZ journey, it’s important to take advantage of all the resources available to you. Codes may not always offer drastic rewards, but they’ll serve as a passive way to unlock more rewards without any in-game grind.

ZZZ codes are one of the best ways to obtain items you need or earn bonuses that help make getting them easier. You don’t want to miss out on all the free stuff you can get, so here are all the working codes in Zenless Zone Zero and how to claim them.

All Zenless Zone Zero codes (working)

A group of four characters ready to fight in Zenless Zone Zero.
Free items are always welcome. Image via HoYoverse
  • ZZZFREE100—Redeem for 300 Polychrome, 30,000 Denny, two Senior Investigator Logs, and three W-Engine Energy Modules (Valid from July 4 to 11).

How to redeem codes in Zenless Zone Zero

To redeem codes in ZZZ, you need to launch the game and use the in-game gift code redemption interface.

  • Finish the ZZZ tutorial and unlock the mailbox.
  • Click on the Menu icon at the top-left corner of your screen.
  • Choose “More” and select “Redemption Code”
  • Copy/paste or type in the code you’d like to use into the code redemption box.
  • Select Redeem to activate the code.

Once you click on Redeem, the rewards associated with the code will appear in your mailbox, meaning you’ll need to open this mail and accept the rewards. The main reason why you need to finish the tutorial first is because you won’t have access to the rewards without the mailbox.

When you complete the tutorial, aka the Business x Strangeness x Justness prologue, the mailbox becomes unlocked and you’ll get to redeem all the codes you can.

Expired Zenless Zone Zero codes

All codes have a lifespan in ZZZ, meaning they’ll eventually expire. If you’re unsure whether a code you’re trying to use still works, you can compare it to the list of expired codes here to check every code that has ever been available to redeem.

  • There are currently no expired codes.

What to do when Zenless Zone Zero codes don’t work

If the codes you’re trying to enter for ZZZ aren’t working, they’re likely either expired or typed incorrectly. Review the code you’re trying to use and see if it matches either the active or working codes so you know whether it can be used. After this, ensure the code you typed out matches the listed one since small mismatches could be the reason your code isn’t working.

A character holding a gun in Zenless Zone Zero.
Building your characters is easier when you can claim free items to use. Image via HoYoverse

How to find new Zenless Zone Zero codes

Whenever there are new ZZZ codes to redeem, they’ll be added to the list of active codes here, so you can check back often to find them.

The primary way to find new codes is through all of ZZZ’s official livestream special programs. These generally happen around a week before each fresh update and offer a few codes that are available to redeem for around a day. Updates expand upon the list of playable characters, the regions you can explore in the world, and other such content, but since they require downtime to be released, free codes are always given as compensation.

Outside of this, you can always check the official ZZZ X (formerly Twitter) page, the ZZZ Reddit, and the ZZZ Discord. All three places usually share updated information when new codes become available to redeem.

Overall, you can expect new ZZZ codes during major content releases, new patches, seasonal events, and collaborations. These codes can feature in-game resources and also cosmetics, so it’ll always be a decent idea to use the latest codes before their expiration dates.

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