RE XL codes (June 2024)

The One Piece-inspired game RE XL in Roblox is based around combat, which means you need lots of items and abilities to become more powerful. It can be tough to get what you need, but RE XL codes make the process a lot easier.

Free loot is always useful, but it’s especially important if you want to improve your battle abilities and become a better fighter in RE XL. Here are all the working codes in Roblox’s RE XL and how to claim them.

All Roblox RE XL codes (working)

Punching on a bridge in RE XL in Roblox.
You get your rewards immediately after redeeming any code. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  • GROUP—Redeem for 10,000 gold (You must be in a group to redeem this code).
  • XLRELEASE—Redeem for 15 minutes of Double Mastery.
  • FREECODE1—Redeem for a free Class Change.

How to redeem codes in RE XL

To redeem codes in RE XL, you need to navigate to the Redeem Code option in the game. You can’t redeem codes in the main Roblox hub, so here’s how you can find and use this option.

  • Load into RE XL.
  • Click the Settings option near the left middle edge of the screen. It’s a small gear icon.
  • Select the Enter Code box near the right middle edge of the screen.
  • Type in all working codes.
The process for redeeming codes in RE XL in Roblox.
It’s not too difficult to find. Screenshot by Dot Esports. Remix by Dot Esports

Expired RE XL codes

The list of working codes for RE XL will change as time goes on, which also means there will be many expired codes. All expired codes will be listed here so you can check whether a code you’re seeing is still worth trying or has been removed.

What to do when RE XL codes don’t work

If your RE XL codes aren’t working, they’re likely either expired or have some special conditions that need to be met to use them. Some codes can only be used when you’re in an active group, for example, so be sure to check whether the code you’re trying to use is still valid and whether it might have any special requirements you need to meet first.

How to find new RE XL codes

This article will be updated anytime there’s a new RE XL code you can redeem in Roblox, so you can always check back here to make sure you’ve redeemed them all.

Beyond this, the creators of RE XL often list all working codes in the official description box for the game, which means you can quickly check them before logging on. There are no other official accounts on different platforms you can check for codes just yet, but if any are made, they’ll be added here. You can usually find codes on the official Reddit, X (formerly Twitter), and Discord pages when these exist, but there are none for this game so far.

Fighting in RE XL in Roblox.
Become more powerful by claiming all the codes you can. Screenshot by Dot Esports

A great way to claim more rewards in RE XL is to log in each day since there are free daily login rewards you can grab. If you get tired of playing RE XL, you might consider redeeming codes for other Roblox games like Dandy’s World, Card RNG, and Anime Odyssey Simulator.

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