Pull a Sword codes (May 2024)

Updated May 15, 2024: Searched for new codes!

You don’t have to be the king of England to be worthy of drawing a sword out of a rock in Pull a Sword. What you do need to build your own sword collection is Strength. Clicking will help you achieve the goal, but what if your finger gets tired?

To climb to the top of the leaderboard more easily, redeem Pull a Sword codes. You will get Pets, Strength and Win Potions, and many other goodies that will help you boost your stats effortlessly to collect blades and beat all the enemies. If you’re looking for similar Roblox games, read our Bodybuilder Simulator codes article and get freebies to help you win all the body-building competitions more easily.

All Pull a Sword codes list

Pull a Sword codes (Working)

  • 3MPARTYEVENT—Redeem for a Mega Potion (New)
  • AXIOMUPD—Redeem for a MEGA Potion
  • PROFILEUPD—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • A39B2456BBBC—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • potioncode542—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • halloweenluck—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • code900—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • xFrozenCodeB24—Redeem for a Frozen B Pet
  • xFrozenDominus—Redeem for a Frozen Dominus Pet
  • RELEASE—Redeem for a Split Doggy Pet
  • giftfromme23—Redeem for a random Pet
  • eventhalloween—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • xfrozencodea—Redeem for a Frozen Pet
  • ytcode24690—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • ghostydog4—Redeem for a Ghosty Dog Pet
  • KingCode1234—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • NewPotionCode248—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • K123456789C—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • halloweenparty2023—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • buff2big—Redeem for a Mega Potion
  • HelpForYo23456—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • PotionCode4721—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • opgiftfromme—Redeem for a random Pet
  • K123456789D—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • NEWEVENTCODEA2—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • code492—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • newcode48—Redeem for a Win Potion
  • new21potion—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • giftfromme1—Redeem for a random Pet
  • likedog2—Redeem for a Like Dog Pet
  • K123456789B—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • K123456789A—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • KingCode4321—Redeem for a Strength Potion
  • likecat—Redeem for a Like Cat Pet
  • winpotion99995—Redeem for a Win Potion

Pull a Sword codes (Expired)

  • There are currently no expired Pull a Sword codes.

How to redeem codes in Pull a Sword

To redeem codes in Pull a Sword, follow the instructions below:

How to redeem codes in Pull a Sword
Click here to get rewards. Screenshot by Dot Esports
  1. Launch Pull a Sword on Roblox.
  2. Click the blue Codes button on the right side of your screen.
  3. Enter a working code into the text box.
  4. Press the green Verify button to claim your reward.

How to get more Pull a Sword codes

Pull a Sword codes typically get posted on different socials, including the official Pull a Sword Discord server, X account (@xFrozenStudios), and YouTube channel (@i2Perfect). This makes hunting for codes tedious. Because of that, we advise you to save this article. We compiled a list of all the active codes. We update it regularly, so check back often and find the newest freebies.

Why are my Pull a Sword codes not working?

Typos will stop you from claiming the goodies, so make sure your spelling is free of errors. The easiest way to enter all Pull a Sword codes as they appear is by copying them from the list and pasting them into the game. If you’re still experiencing issues after that, the problematic codes might have expired. If you discover an invalid code on the Working list of this article, notify us so we can move it to the proper section.

Other ways to get free rewards in Pull a Sword

If the freebies you obtained by claiming Pull a Sword codes weren’t enough, don’t worry. You can get Strength Boosts, Wins, OP Pets, Potions, and other valuable items by:

  • Unlocking Playtime rewards every few minutes (click the Claim Gift button on the right side of your screen).
  • Claiming Daily gifts every 24 hours.
  • Completing various tasks (e.g., by playing the game for 60 minutes, you’ll get a free OP Pet Pack).

What is Pull a Sword?

Pull a Sword is a clicker game on Roblox where you train and click to become stronger and then pull swords from rocks. Collect all the cool blades and fight powerful enemies. You can even unlock various pets and let them be your trusty sidekicks while fighting all the foes. And if you need additional help, redeem the codes from our list before they become inactive.

If you want to test your strength in another Roblox game, check out our list of Strength Simulator codes to get goodies for this experience. If you want to obtain freebies in other titles, head over to our Roblox Codes section.

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