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If you’re a fan of fighting games and Kengan Ashura, you’ll definitely love Mighty Omega. Roblox user, Kengun Omega, merges the beloved manga series and street-fighting genre so you can show off your skills. Develop your fighting style, increase your stats, and make money to become an unstoppable, brawling machine.

Codes come in handy if you’re short on money in Mighty Omega. They’ll give you easy access to currency so that you can buy useful gear. Training will be a cinch when you get your hands on the proper equipment!

All Mighty Omega Codes List

Mighty Omega Codes (Working)

  • 28d24mwl80d36m — Unlocks: 30,000 AC (New)
  • requiem101 — Unlocks: 30,000 AC (New)
  • overheaven — Unlocks: 15,000 AC (New)
  • shiptheseus211 — Unlocks: 15,000 AC
  • yolove05042024 — Unlocks: 7500 AC
  • streetfighterxmo3 — Unlocks: 7500 AC
  • streetfighterxmo2 — Unlocks: 4000 AC and 3 Clan Rerolls
  • streetfighterxmo — Unlocks: 4000 AC
  • compensationforbugs1 — Unlocks: 2000 MC
  • yolove04222024 — Unlocks: 3750 AC
  • yolove0410 — Unlocks: 4500 MC and 4 Clan Rerolls
  • aprilfools2024 — Unlocks: 1000 Clan Rerolls
  • yolove03112024 — Unlocks: 3000 MC, 7 Face Rerolls, 7 Face Marking Rerolls, and 7 Aura Color Rerolls
  • update0224 — Unlocks: 2000MC, a Primary Style Switch, and a Skill Reset
  • WJHCOm7 — Unlocks: 1500 MC and 5 Clan Rerolls
  • delay0224 — Unlocks: 1500 MC and 5 Clan Rerolls
  • lny2024 — Unlocks 2 clan rerolls and 3000 MC
  • yolove01242024 — Unlocks 2 clan rerolls, a skill reset, and 1500 MC
  • update011024 — Unlocks 5 clan rerolls and 1500 MC
  • WinterCode5 — Unlocks 3000 cookies and 1000MC
  • happyhol1d@ys — Unlocks10 clan rerolls, 4000 cookies, and 1500 MC
  • WinterCode4 — Unlocks 1000 MC and 3000 cookies
  • NOOBPROTECTION — Unlocks an extra day of player protection
  • ZODDEVENT — Unlocks Behelit, aka a free try at Zodd
  • mighty — Unlocks 1000 MC and 3 clan rerolls
  • zoddevent2 — Unlocks 6 Behelit Notifiers and 1500MC
  • SFSOON — Unlocks 1500 MC, 1 Primary Style Switch, 3 Face Rerolls, and 5 Eye Color Rerolls.
  • SFSOON2 — Unlocks 1500 MC, 1 Skill Reset, 9 Face Marking Rerolls, and 9 Hair Color Rerolls

Mighty Omega Codes (Expired)

There are also no expired codes. 

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How to Redeem Codes in Mighty Omega

Screenshot via Zen The Edgy

Follow the steps below to redeem codes in Mighty Omega.

  1. Launch Mighty Omega in Roblox.
  2. Click on the “Shop” button on the menu bar on the left side of the screen.
  3. When codes are available, you should be able to type in your code under this tab.

How Can You Get More Mighty Omega Codes?

We’ll update this article when the developer creates new codes, so come back in every once in a while. Check out the game’s page on Roblox under the description, too. It’s likely that the developer will publish the codes there first. You can also join the Mighty Mega community on their official Trello and Discord pages to keep a lookout for any codes.  

Best Way to Get Money in Mighty Omega

No codes exist now, but don’t worry; there’s another way to make money in the game. Check the job board in front of the Extra Mart. The jobs that give you smaller rewards are faster and easier compared to jobs with higher rewards. For example, one job requests you carry a box from one location to another, which takes little time. Therefore, you can complete tons of small jobs back-to-back and still make a lot of money quickly.

After that, head to the bank and deposit your cash into an account. This way, you won’t lose your cash if you’re mugged. You can also withdraw money at any ATM in the open world with a credit card from the bank.

What is Mighty Omega?

Mighty Omega is a Roblox game that is inspired by Kengan Ashura and made by Kengan Omega. It’s all about annihilating your opponents and becoming the best martial artist.

Although its concept is simple, the game can get quite complex. You’ll need to understand minute details, such as the importance of upper and lower body strength, body fatigue, and traits. Level up with trainers and gain experience in combat with other players as you master your fighting style!

Looking for more Roblox codes? Visit our Roblox Game Codes List for a comprehensive list of the latest codes for various game on the platform. If you’re interested in gaming news, stay up to date with our latest news articles, too! 

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