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Adress: 3840 Paki Ave, Honolulu, HI 96815, United States
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Kapiʻolani Regional Park

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Kapiʻolani Regional Park is the oldest and largest public park in Hawaii, located in Honolulu on the island of Oahu. It was dedicated in 1877 and named after Queen Kapiʻolani, the queen consort of King David Kalākaua. The park was originally created as a place for the people of Honolulu to gather and enjoy recreational activities.

Closest Airport

The closest airport to Kapiʻolani Regional Park is Daniel K. Inouye International Airport, which is located about 20 minutes away by car.


Kapiʻolani Regional Park spans over 300 acres and offers a wide variety of recreational opportunities for visitors of all ages.

Flora and Fauna

The park is home to a diverse range of plant and animal species, including tropical trees, flowers, and birds. Visitors can enjoy strolling through the park’s beautiful gardens and taking in the natural beauty of the area.

Things to Do

There are plenty of activities to enjoy at Kapiʻolani Regional Park, including picnicking, jogging, cycling, and swimming at the beach. Visitors can also explore the Honolulu Zoo and the Waikiki Aquarium, both of which are located within the park.

Location of Visitor Centers + Open Hours

The Kapiʻolani Regional Park Visitor Center is located near the entrance to the park and is open daily from 9am to 5pm. Visitors can learn more about the park’s history and attractions, as well as pick up maps and information about upcoming events.


The weather at Kapiʻolani Regional Park is typically warm and sunny, with temperatures averaging in the high 70s to low 80s throughout the year. It is recommended to dress in light, breathable clothing and bring sunscreen to protect against the sun’s rays.

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