Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters

Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters

Tucked away in the rugged Davis Mountains of West Texas lies Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters, a hidden gem for outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers. The headquarters serves as the gateway to Davis Mountains State Park, a 2,709-acre haven for hiking, camping, birdwatching, and stargazing.

The closest airport to Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters is Midland International Air and Space Port, located approximately 180 miles away. From there, visitors can rent a car and embark on a scenic drive through the vast West Texas landscape, passing by desert vistas, rolling hills, and picturesque ranches.

Upon arrival at Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters, visitors can check in at the visitor center to obtain trail maps, camping permits, and information on park programs and events. The headquarters also features a gift shop with souvenirs and snacks, as well as restroom facilities.

One of the main attractions at Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters is hiking. The park offers over 10 miles of trails that wind through diverse terrain, from wooded canyons to open grasslands. Popular hikes include the Skyline Trail, which offers stunning panoramic views of the surrounding mountains, and the Indian Lodge Trail, which leads to a historic adobe lodge built by the Civilian Conservation Corps in the 1930s.

In addition to hiking, visitors can enjoy camping at one of the park’s well-equipped campsites, birdwatching for a variety of native species, and stargazing under the clear West Texas skies. The park is designated as an International Dark Sky Park, making it ideal for observing constellations, planets, and the Milky Way in all its glory.

The weather at Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters can vary throughout the year. Summers are typically hot with temperatures reaching over 90 degrees Fahrenheit, while winters can be cold with occasional snowfall. Spring and fall offer milder temperatures, making them ideal seasons for outdoor activities.

Overall, Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters is a must-visit destination for those seeking a peaceful retreat in the heart of the rugged West Texas landscape. Whether you’re a hiker, camper, birdwatcher, or stargazer, this hidden oasis offers something for everyone to enjoy.

Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters information

Adress: TX-118, Fort Davis, TX 79734, United States
Phone: +1 432-426-3337
Rating: 4.8/5
Rated count: 1390

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Davis Mountains State Park Headquarters review

Laura Maroon
We so enjoyed this campground and hiking. We hiked over to fort Davis which was a diverse trail up the down. We also hiked the quail trail side. Highlight of the park are the two birding blinds and the visitor center as well as the programs.
Warm showers too! Also great CCC buildings
Excellent park! Saw some wildlife on our hike and had a beautiful picnic under oak trees in the group picnic area. Make sure to check out the interpretive center for some interesting park info and wildlife viewing.
Joe Horner
Wonderful State Park with plenty of hiking trails. Skyline drive is magical, one of the trails from the end of Skyline takes you right underneath some large Hoodoos! Can’t wait for Indian Lodge to reopen next year!
Jennifer Baldy
There are numerous trails of all levels of difficulty. Great views. The interpretive programs were terrific and frequent, one or two programs per day normally, and geared towards all ages. Close to several cute towns, McDonald Observatory, and Chihuahuan Desert Research Institute. Campsite was in great condition. Bird blinds are the best I’ve seen anywhere, complete with water features, feeding stations with various foods to attract a wide array of species, seating, shelter, and resources for bird identification.
Jose Capetillo
Beautiful scenic views. You have to drive from Fort Davis to Prada Marfa for the 505 Rd and stop at the point of rocks. The other must visit is to the McDonald’s Observatory on the highest elevation of Texas.
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