All Fallout 4 console commands and cheats

Remember the glory days of cheats in (single-player) video games? Those are mostly gone, but luckily the people behind the GTA series at Rockstar, and the people behind Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series at Bethesda maintain the quaint flame alive by giving players a wide array of shady functionalities they can use to make their experience more fun.

Let’s have a look at all the console commands and cheats in Fallout 4.

How to enter cheats in Fallout 4

You introduce cheats in Fallout 4 via the game’s console, but opening the console isn’t equally simple for everyone. Some players will be able to open the console by using the ~ (tilde) key, while others will hit it and see no results. That’s because the default key to open the game’s console is whatever key is to the left of your Return (or Enter) key, which might or might not be the ~ key.

Fallout 4 cheats list

Fallout 4: The Sole Survivor looking at Dogmeat.
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Here are all of the basic Fallout 4 console commands:

Cheat commandWhat it does
Killall Kills all non-companion and non-essential NPCs in your vicinity. Be warned that it might trigger game-breaking glitches
Kah A better alternative to the killall command, as it only kills enemy NPCs
Kill [character name]Murders specific character. Find their IDs here
resurrect [character name] Brings specific character back to life
tgm God mode on/off
toggleimmortalmode Toggles a mode where you will still take damage but cannot die
togglegamepause Pauses the game
toggleskySkybox on/off
player.resethealth Replenishes your health
tclNoclip on/off
tfowFog of war on/off
tfc Free camera on/off
twfToggle wireframe
set timescale to [x] If you use the numerical value of 1, then the game will take place in real time. Using a higher number will result in a sped-up timescale (16 is the default). 0 will result in getting stuck forever in the moment of the day you’re on
tai NPC AI on/off. NPCs stand around and do absolutely nothing
tcaiNPCs’ combat abilities on/off
tdetect Makes you invisible to the AI
fov [70-110]Changes the game’s field of view. Setting fov to 0 will make your field of view revert to the default value
setscale [1-10] Changes the size of your character
clear Clears the console of all messages
coc qasmokeTakes you to a debug room containing every item in the game
csb Resets all effects present on the screen
tm Turn UI on/off. Be careful as this causes the console to disappear as well
tmm 1 Activates all Pip Boy markers on the map
recycleactor Resets a character
sexchangeChanges character’s sex.
removefromallfactions Removes targeted character from all factions
unequipall Unequips all items from the selected character

Complex Fallout 4 console commands

Here are some of the more complex Fallout 4 console commands for both the player and NPCs:

Cheat commandWhat it does
coc [cell ID] Moves players to any area in the game they want so long as they know its cell ID code, which they can find here
player.setav speedmult [0-???] Adds a multiplier to your character’s moving speed
player.removefromfaction [faction id] / Removefromfaction [faction ID]Removes your character/ a character from a faction. Faction list here
removefromallfactionsRemoves selected character from all factions
player.addtofaction [faction ID] [0 – 1] / addtofaction [faction ID] [0 – 1] Adds your character / a character to a faction. Faction list here
player.additem [item ID] [amount of items you want]Adds an item to your inventory. See item ID list here.
player.setlevel [desired level number] Changes your character’s level
player.placeatme [NPC or Object ID] Places an NPC or item in your vicinity. Object IDs can be found here and NPC IDs here
CompleteQuest [Quest ID]Completes the quest of your choosing. Find the quest IDs here
player.addperk [perk ID] / player.removeperk [perk ID] Adds or removes specific perks. Perk ID list here
caqsCompletes the game

You can enjoy Fallout 4 on PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X|S, and PC. You can also watch the Fallout TV series on Amazon, which tells an original story set in the same world as the games.

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