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AFK Journey is a new idle RPG and the follow-up of AFK Arena from Farlight Games that has you wage battle across Esperia, while not having to be glued to your phone. It’s a gacha game, which means you’ll want every advantage you can gain. These promo codes will help you out with free resources.

All working codes for AFK Journey

These codes are not case-sensitive.

AFKJOURNEYPG0 (that’s a zero) – 100 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYRUG – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYLGIO – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYDE – 100 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYVG – 200 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYJIANHAO – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYVIVA – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEY88 – 100 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYCMK – 100 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYNOGLA – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYTGT – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYZANNY – 100 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYSQUEEZIE – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYJOSHDUB – 100 Diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYCARBOT – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYMSA – 200 Diamonds, 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYCREATOR – 200 diamonds, 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYPAX – 400 diamonds, 40k gold
AFKJN2024 – 188 diamonds and 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYART – 327 diamonds and 16k gold
AFKJOURNEYTT – 88 diamonds and 16k gold
PLUTOMALLEXTRA5% – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
AFKJAPRIL20 – 100 diamonds and 50k gold
AFKJOURNEYALPHARAD – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYSPECIALEDD – 100 diamonds and 18k gold
AFKJOURNEYPRESTON – 200 diamonds and 20k gold
AFKJOURNEYHI – 100 diamonds and 18k gold

AFK Journey how to redeem.
Screenshot by Destructoid

How to redeem codes in AFK Journey

  1. Tap (or click) the three horizontal lines icon in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  2. Tap the gear, which is now in the bottom-right corner of the screen.
  3. Tap “Others” from the tabs near the top of the screen.
  4. In the others area beneath the others tab, press Promo Code.
  5. Type in your code and press the checkmark.
  6. Enjoy your new stuff.

AFK Journey codes not working

We will notify you of additional freebies and bonuses as soon as they are available. Since these codes do expire over time, make sure you redeem them as soon as possible. All codes provided have been tested and verified as of the date this post was published. If you come across an expired code, please inform us in the comments section with the exact code so that we can remove it. Remember to enter the code exactly as it is listed to ensure it works correctly.

AFK Journey is available for PC, iOS, and Android.

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