Zilean has now gone 1,000 days without a League skin, and it’s not the first time

League of Legends has no shortage of skins and more head to the sport each individual month, but inspite of this influx of cosmetic content material a person champion has been still left out: the Chronokeeper, Zilean.

As pointed out by Reddit, from Sept. 12, it has now been 1,000 days because the past time the champion been given a new look with Sugar Hurry Zilean landing on Dec. 17, 2019. Given that then, there have been no symptoms a new appear is coming.

Even though this is a somber fact for lovers of the winner, it is not without precedent. Previously there have been two stints wherever Zilean has long gone much more than 1,000 days with out a new search. The initial arrived concerning 2011 and 2015, and from then when Blood Moon Zilean arrived it all over again took more than 1,000 times just before the newest pores and skin joined the sport.

Zilean has good organization in the ranks of champions who haven’t gained a new glance in a extended time. Beating out the Chronokeeper is Udyr, who hasn’t witnessed a new addition in extra than 1,120 days and Dr Mundo likely a lot more than 1,380 times with no skins.

Equally all those champions did, on the other hand, acquire total overhauls recently that up to date their previous skins.

It is not clear why Zilean and these other champions haven’t been given any the latest appreciate. Appropriate now, there are just seven skins for Zilean in League of Legends, with two of them vaulted away as legacy skins. This indicates players new to the champ only have 4 to pick out from, but the good thing is, there are some distinctive appears to be like between them.

For the sake of Zilean mains all over the earth, let us hope to get a new search for the League champion sometime shortly.

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