Why has no Pokémon clone taken off like Stardew Valley?

Stardew Valley (opens in new tab) is the golden youngster of farming sims. It is marketed a lot more than 20 million copies due to the fact 2016 and kicking off a torrent of farm lifetime game titles on Personal computer. But you can find been no Stardew Valley second for the monster-taming style. Pokémon clones (opens in new tab) are now ample, yet none have had a sliver of Stardew Valley’s success, yet by yourself Pokémon’s. If Stardew Valley hit on some magical method for reimagining a typical Japanese series as a modern-day indie recreation, monster tamers have not observed it.

Stardew Valley

(Picture credit score: Concerned Ape)

“An RPG in which [players] can generate their have experience based on the characters they know is of training course appealing,” say Jochem and Marcel, the indie builders powering this year’s Coromon (opens in new tab). The challenge for indies is “players would typically instead remain with what they know than seeking out new games,” they say.

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