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Interested in staying up to date with and learning insider information about your favorite Roblox anime RPG Infinity Sea 2? Then you need to check out its official Trello and Discord! In the brief guide below we offer the links to both of these sites along with a brief explanation of what can be found in each one. Continue reading to learn more.

For those unfamiliar with Trello, this site is essentially a digital storyboard that can be viewed and edited at any time to reflect the most accurate and up-to-date information about its subject. Originally, Trello was primarily used by companies as a way to communicate and distribute data, tasks, and other professional instructions between employees. Now, however, largely in part due to the ingenuity of Roblox developers, Trello is utilized in a variety of ways, including as a platform for developers to share the ins and outs of their experiences to their player base.

In the case of Infinity Sea 2, players can use Trello to learn about the various fruits, NPCs, and quests that are inside of the experience. Active codes and recent updates can also be found listed in this Trello, along with all of the Deploid Studios team members and their corresponding Roblox accounts. If you’re looking for the most accurate information about Infinity Sea 2, the official Trello is a great resource to use, as it can only be changed by those with administrative permissions, i.e. the experience’s developers.

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Discord has quickly become one of the biggest social platforms in the world and rightfully so. In terms of sharing information within a group setting, you can’t get much faster and more efficient than Discord. Not only can you chat with friends that you already have in private servers, you can also join servers based on certain topics, such as movies, artists, TV shows, YouTubers, etc., and meet new, likeminded people to mingle with.

For fans of Infinity Sea 2, Discord is a place to converse with other players about their opinions, ask questions related to the experience, and stay in the know about future updates, releases, codes, and more. Conversations are constantly flowing in this Discord, making it a great place to chat with other players and learn even more about their favorite experience.

Outside of those two platforms, players can also follow Infinity Sea 2 news on Twitter and YouTube, though Trello and Discord are likely the best ways to remain up to date.

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