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With nearly 700 potions available for you to create in Wacky Wizards, finding the best one for the job can be hard! What if we need to reach a high place as fast as possible? It’s time for a flying potion, stat! But how do we know which one is best?! Ugh, this is too much! Luckily, Pro Game Guides has created the brief guide below that lists every single flying potion in Wacky Wizards in order from fastest to slowest, so that you can know which potions are worth it and which ones aren’t. Continue reading below to learn more!

All flying potions in Wacky Wizards – Ranked

To determine how fast each of these potions are, we entered Wacky Wizards, used each potion individually, and then timed ourselves traveling from the Wacky Wednesday sign to the potion cannon sign.

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The table below lists all of flying potions that are currently available in Wacky Wizards and ranks them from fastest to slowest. Any “hovering” potions do not count and were not included in this list—these are strictly flying potions.

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Potion Number Potion Name Potion Recipe Potion Description Number of Seconds
63 Heatseeking Dynamite + Bird + Dynamite Dangerous flying 3 seconds
145 Fireball Eggcano + Bird Become a fireball! 4 seconds
549 Fly-orb Magic Orb + Fairy Fly on an Orb! 8 seconds
79 Flybux Robux + Bird Become a flying ROBUC! 8 seconds
537 Tostado-ufo Taco + Fish Become a TostadaUFO 8 seconds
87 Broom Fairy + Witches Brew Fly on a broomstick! 8 seconds
584 Banana-broom Monkey’s Paw + Witches Brew Get a banana broomstick! 8 seconds
239 Broomed Witches Brew + 2021 Pumpkin Fly on a broom as a witch! 8 seconds
382 Magic-carpet Egyptian Head + Fairy Get a flying magic carpet 8 seconds
309 Flying-eye Cyclops Eye + Bird Become Mr. Rich’s flying eye LOL! 8 seconds
570 Flying-unicorn Horse Shoe + Fairy Become a flying unicorn! 8 seconds
482 Bean-drone Coconut Become a bean drone! 23 seconds
157 Blood-sucking Bird + Fairy + Spider Grow bat wings! 28 seconds
131 Buzzing Bird + Honey Grow bee wings 29 seconds
137 Queenly Honey + Robux Become the queen bee 29 seconds
128 Bee disguise Sleepy Bee Become a bee 30 seconds
151 Firebee You + Honey + Eggcano Turn into a fire bee from Bee Swarm Simulator! 30 seconds
212 Long-bee Pool noodle + Sleepy Bee Become a LOONG BEE 30 seconds
264 Zom-bee Undead + Honey Become a ZOM-BEE 30 seconds
268 Ghost-bee Ghost + Honey Become a Ghost Bee! 30 seconds
291 Candycorn-bee Corn + Honey Become a candy corn bee! 30 seconds
345 Xmas-bee Gingerbread Man + Honey Become an xmas bee! 30 seconds
398 Pirate-bee Pirate Hat + Honey Aaaaarg bzzz bzzz! 30 seconds
409 Cow-bee Tumble Weed + Honey Become a Wild West Bee 30 seconds
422 St-patrick-bee Pot Of Gold + Honey Become a St. Patrick’s Bee! 30 seconds
436 Bot-bee Ethereum Crystal + Honey Become a robotic bee! 30 seconds
458 Easter-bee Faberge Egg + Honey Turn into an easter bee! 30 seconds
523 Cake-bee Birthday Cake + Honey Become a cake bee! 30 seconds
535 Taco-bee Taco + Honey Become a taco bee! 30 seconds
539 Summer-bee Oz’s Sunglasses + Honey Become a Summer Bee! 30 seconds
559 Icecream-bee Icecream Cone + Honey Become an ice cream bee! 30 seconds
571 Horse-bee Horse Shoe + Honey Become a horse bee! 30 seconds
215 Flying-bean Beans + Bird Become a flying bean 30 seconds
324 Winged-bean Walking Cane + Beans Become a winged bean! 30 seconds
33 Swim Bird + Fish Swim in the air! 33 seconds
34 Mermaid Fairy + Fish Become a mermaid 33 seconds
35 Puffed Beans + Fish Become a puffer fish 33 seconds
36 Octo Giraffe Hoof + Spider + Fish Become an octopus 40 seconds

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After testing and measuring all of these potions, we can confidently say that the Heatseaking potion is the fastest flying potion in all of Wacky Wizards. With that being said, however, it’s also important to mention that, though it’s the fastest, we would not recommend using the Heatseaking potion as a mode of transportation as it is incredibly hard to control and use effectively.

Instead, we would personally recommend using the Fly Orb potion. Not only is this potion easy to control, it feels exceptionally fast and efficient! Realistically though, any of the eight-second potions would be good choices for fast movement, so the final decision is up to you.

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