Valve pushes a new Dota 2 patch live just a week before The International 2022 LCQ

Valve is finding in what is likely one particular closing patch in advance of The Intercontinental 2022, which kicks off in early Oct. Gameplay up-to-date 7.32c is live now, bringing lots of fixes to areas of gameplay that ended up impacted in former patches, these as an Earth Spirit bug that was getting memed by the group. 

A the greater part of this patch included these fixes together with a lot of tweaking and rescaling a variety of values, like harm output and cooldown periods, for a fantastic chunk of the roster. 

Most notably, Faceless Void and Timeless were strike with some sizable nerfs alongside with some early-activity modifications to Viper. Dawnbreaker was also caught in the crossfire of the smaller sized adjustments, as if the hero essential any supplemental motives not to be selected. 

The Faceless Void nerfs are actually tied additional to the Refresher Orb and Refresher Shard alterations, which now ties the two products jointly on a single cooldown timer and eliminates the skill to lessen cooldown time even though sitting in the backpack. 

With this patch now in rotation, all of the groups in bootcamps for TI11 have new things to get performing on—especially these who are going to be competing in the Very last Possibility Qualifier. As quite a few lovers have pointed out, putting a patch like this live when the LCQ begins on Oct. 8 isn’t suitable for gamers, but absolutely everyone is just type of used to this from Valve. 

With that in brain, the TI11 LCQ to come to a decision the ultimate two groups competing in the principal party will run from Oct. 8 to 11 although TI11 good will then pick up on Oct. 15.

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