Thymesia Guide – How To Unlock All Endings

Warning: this guidebook incorporates big spoilers of the recreation, so if you haven’t concluded Thymesia nonetheless, study it at your individual risk.

As soon as you defeat the game’s final manager in the Ocean of Recollections, you will go back to Philosopher’s Hills and start a conversation with Aisemy. She will question if you recall what you put in Hermes’ Respond to. Listed here, you will be capable to select two Cores that want to be blended to unlock the unique endings of Thymesia.

To get all the endings, 5 in full, you ought to defeat all the recreation bosses, completing both equally the most important tale and the obtainable subquests. Each of them will drop their Main the moment defeated, and you need to have all of them to unlock the distinctive finales. In this guidebook, you will uncover the distinct Core combinations you can use to unlock all endings in Thymesia.

Thymesia Cores: How To Get Them

To get the Cores that require to be utilised for the duration of the ending of Thymesia, you want to defeat just about every boss of the activity. This consists of the four quests essential to progress by way of the main storyline and the subquests you unlock as you advance in the journey, as perfectly. There are a few diverse styles of Cores in Thymesia:

  • Vile Blood Core: you will receive it from Odur, Seem of the Abyss, and God of the Fools.
  • Pure Blood Core: you will get hold of it from Varg and Urd.
  • Mutated Main: you will attain it from The Hanged Queen and Mutated Odur.

How To Get All Endings in Thymesia

Under you will come across the suitable Core combos that will allow you unlock all possible endings in Thymesia, alongside with a quick clarification of each and every finale.

Electricity of the Vile Blood

To unlock this ending, you want to combine two Vile Blood Cores. Since a few Cores drop under this variety, you can decide on any of them. Let’s say:

  • Fool’s God’s Core
  • Sound of the Abyss’ Main

In this ending, the plague last but not least ends, but people transform into grotesque figures, and creatures grow far more and additional ferocious. They commence killing every single other, feeding on the condition. The earth that humans used to know slowly but surely began to decay.

Blessing of the Pure Blood

To get this ending in Thymesia, you will need to merge the two Pure Blood Cores:

  • Varg’s Main
  • Urd’s Main

In this ending, all the ache and suffering slowly conclude. Monsters disappear, but additional and more factions created up of formidable electric power-seekers start out to lure in researchers. All kingdoms wrestle to get manage of the powers of alchemy. Aisemy and Corvus leave with the analysis obtained from Hermes’ Remedy to keep it risk-free from those people who have been corrupted by ability.

Harmonized Drive

To unlock this ending, you want to combine the two Mutated Cores:

  • Mutated Odur’s Main
  • The Hanged Queen’s Main

In this ending, the harmonized forces neutralize all reactions to Pure and Vile Blood. These who have been enhanced by alchemy lose their powers, and the total kingdom is rebuilt. On the other hand, the threat of the plague however looms.

Power of Cleansing

To get this ending, you have to blend the two Mutated Cores and retain shifting the remaining stick forward to unlock a mystery scene.

  • Mutated Odur’s Main
  • The Hanged Queen’s Core

In this solution ending, the electric power of Vile and Pure Blood is properly balanced, even though with Corvus’ sacrifice. Long run generations preserve his memories and refrain from using alchemy once more.

Chaotic Power

To unlock this ending, you ought to use any Core mix that has not been described before. Let’s say:

  • Odur’s Core
  • The Hanged Queen’s Main

In this ending, an unknown and chaotic electrical power little by little but steadily corrodes the land, affecting each and every kind of daily life otherwise. Some creatures turn out to be monsters, growing significantly grotesque, though other folks unexpectedly recover.

If you need to have aid beating the primary bosses of Thymesia and obtaining their cores, you can go through our guides on defeating Odur, The Hanged Queen, Varg, and Corvus.

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