This stealth game challenges you to do murders, then vacuum up the mess

The first guard is a burly dude. He’s standing following to a porthole in the cruise ship’s dining spot, which I violently pop inwards to knock him down. Then I smack him with a close by soaked floor sign though he’s lying on the floor for great evaluate, and cover less than a table just before the dazed thug can get up and location me. 

Meanwhile, yet another guard starts approaching by way of the kitchen area. I swiftly go into hack method, remotely ping the oven to catch the attention of him to it, then overload it to established him on hearth. At the identical time I hack a lazy susan on a dining area table—one of these rotating turntables for plates of food—spinning it up to an unsafe pace ahead of launching it into the burly dude’s head just as he recovers. Both of those guards are dealt with.

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