This cartoony cats vs. dogs RTS asserts that humanity’s companions cannot live in harmony

As portion of the 2022 Realms Deep electronic party, developers Slipgate Ironworks and 2B Games have introduced their collaborative venture, Warpaws⁠ (opens in new tab)—a cartoony RTS about a theoretical 20th century conflict concerning humankind’s beloved companions, cats and puppies. It offers alone as a techniques-first, much more streamlined RTS with a “aim on device management, with no means or complex foundation constructing.”

That very last declare promptly piqued my interest, as my neanderthal brain can barely method the needs of most RTSes and my steps for every moment (APM) leaves a great deal to be ideal. In its place of hoarding resources, unlocking new units is tied to capturing aims on the match map.

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