There’s only one team Zven, Berserker see C9 facing in LCS Championship finals because the other challenger is ‘really noob’

The 2022 LCS Championship finals are on the horizon, and Cloud9’s bot lane duo presently picked the League staff they be expecting to make it to the last series on Sunday.

Zven and Berserker discussed their most current collection versus 100 Robbers in a movie on C9’s YouTube channel. By the conclusion of it, they both equally discuss about the opponents they will encounter in the ultimate, and they equally have similar anticipations when it comes to their probable rival—it’s going to be 100 Intruders.

When outlining why 100 Robbers would make it to the closing, Berserker pointed out the exercise and the modern outcomes in the LCS. “Because I sense like scrims and seeing LCS kinda fantastic, numerous,” Berserker stated.

On the other hand, Zven included Evil Geniuses’ series from TSM was “really noob,” therefore, he sees 100T as a improved staff. The movie, nevertheless, was recorded ahead of EG’s BO5 towards Liquid. Nevertheless, Zven agreed with his Advert Have.

The Dane said: “Yeah, we’re participating in a rematch […] 100 Thieves on Sunday.” out?v=bHKrR-3wV1k

In addition, the Danish support is enthusiastic to enjoy in entrance of the fans in the United Heart in Chicago. He underlines he won his two earlier LCS trophies when there have been no fans on-web site to cheer for him owing to the pandemic (2020 Spring and 2021 Spring), and now he aims to get his third a person in entrance of fans’ enjoyment.

The 2022 LCS Championship returns this Saturday with 100 Thieves getting on Evil Geniuses in the decreased bracket last.

The winner will clash with C9 on Sunday for the North American title.

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