The voice of GlaDOS says she dreams about murdering people

We stated earlier this yr that Portal is “extra sinister than you don’t forget (opens in new tab),” a top quality that occurs mainly from the presence of GlaDOS, the key antagonist of the series, who’s mainly a passive-aggressive Shodan. In a latest job interview with Kiwi Talkz (embedded over), GlaDOS voice actor Ellen McLain gave a very little little bit of a clue as to how she was able to pull that off so efficiently: She once in a while dreams about murdering men and women.

“An actor, I think, provides their complete intellect, emotional life, feelings, to any undertaking,” McLain, who looks like a attractive person in actual life, stated. “You bring your full self to the venture. We all have every thing in us. I have never ever been pushed to the stage of murder in my have everyday living, but I’m not expressing that it could not occur underneath specified conditions. If I had to safeguard myself or guard a person that I liked.

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