The International 2022 hits $3 million prize pool, but Dota 2 fans aren’t happy with battle pass content

The wait for the 2022 Dota 2 fight move is last but not least around and supporters are previously snapping it up, which has seen The Intercontinental 11’s prize pool shoot up to $3 million within just just a handful of hours. But, that present-day layout of content and how Valve is structuring both equally the battle pass and its feed into that prize pool has still left admirers emotion an early feeling of dread. 

Yes, just like in former decades the 2022 fight move will place 25 p.c of just about every buy into the TI11 prize pool—with a significant asterisk this time.

But that is only fifty percent the story this time, as Valve shifted the timeline for the fight go by about 3 months and has split it into a Aspect I and Section II. 

Portion I is dwell now for players to entry with the conventional Stage Bundles, but just a look at the struggle pass’ breakdown web site on Valve’s website exhibits at the very least 50 percent of the articles for this year’s entry is slated to release in Component II, which drops post-TI11 in November.

This contains the Cavern Crawl, a revamped Diretide period, and much more. 

This alone has remaining a fantastic portion of the Dota group scratching its head. Valve experienced, in theory, 3 further months to produce content for the fight move. And, alternatively of a intensely fleshed-out preliminary start, it rather feels like Valve dropped a handful of the genuinely superior things now and slapped a coming soon label on the rest. 

“I feel players really should modify their wallet status to ‘Spending Soon’ right until Valve truly has a little something to trade for our money,” Reddit user RikiGervais mentioned. “Multi-million dollar firm flashing I.O.U cosmetics…”

And that asterisk for the 25 per cent of all purchases going to the TI11 prize pool? That pay out-in only counts for Component I of the struggle move, which means all written content Valve has essentially labeled as coming shortly for Section II on Nov. 3 will not go to supporting professional gamers at all and will as a substitute go specifically into the company’s pocket. 

Screengrab by using Valve

On the floor, that does not seem terrible, specifically because the prize pool has currently jumped to over $3 million and is nevertheless climbing quickly. Having said that, Valve has supplied the neighborhood a few less months to feed into the most significant Dota 2 occasion of the calendar year, creating it really not likely TI10’s globe document-location $40,018,195 prize pool will be broken—thus ending a 10-12 months streak of shattering anticipations. 

Numerous sources close to details about the Dota Professional Circuit have also verified that, as of now, there are reportedly no options to use the income earned from Aspect II to improve the prize pool of regional leagues or Majors in the 2023 period. 

Hopefully a thing variations as admirers make ideas to only order degrees and bundles through Aspect I so they can help the professional scene before boycotting any further more buys when Element II launches—though it is nonetheless unclear how that launch will be handled when it does happen on Nov. 3.

Either way, the Dota 2 local community is primarily unhappy and feels slighted by what was intended to be a enjoyment day of new content releases.

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