The benefits of water

The most magical liquid you can put into your body is water. Water gives vitality and life to all your organs and keeps them operating optimally. Dehydration for a person is like driving a car with not enough oil in it. It’s just a matter of time before you won’t be able to function normally. Conversely, keeping yourself hydrated has a whole host of benefits that most people aren’t even aware of.

The benefits of water

Maintains the Balance of Body Fluids
Your body is 60 percent water and believe it or not, it needs a constant supply of water to perform many bodily functions. Many bodily functions are powered by water like digestion, absorption, circulation, and even the ability to maintain body temperature. The list doesn’t stop there, however, the creation of saliva and the transportation of nutrients require consistent water intake as well.

Relieves Headaches & Migraines
More often than not, headaches are a result of dehydration. Often the best way to relieve a headache is by giving the body what it’s already asking for, water. Drinking plenty of water will often chase away a headache fairly quickly. Headaches that occur as a result of dehydration are just your body’s way of telling you that there hasn’t been adequate consumption of water.

Rids the Body of Toxins
Drinking water is an excellent way to filter toxins from your body. This process occurs through urination and sweat. It is also extremely beneficial to kidney function because it flushes out excess salt and minerals. Excess salt and minerals in the body can create kidney stones. Drinking adequate amounts of water and consuming foods high in water are helpful in relieving the body of toxins. Your body’s ability to resist infection and irritation also rests on adequate water intake. Imagine being injured on a barbed wire machine, your body’s ability to heal and for your blood to clot would rest at least partially on your water intake.

Water is like liquid gold for the body. It is truly the fluid of life. Make sure you’re drinking adequate amounts of this essential fluid to make sure that the cells and organs in your body are functioning well. Dehydration has the ability to affect a wide variety of different areas adversely, however, adequate consumption does the opposite.

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