The Benefits of an Independent Sales Team

Your sales team is an integral part of your growing business. Without it, you cannot explore ways to entice new customers to buy your products and services. If you have a small team or are looking to expand into new markets, hiring independent sales agents instead of a full-time sales representative may be a better option to explore. Here are some of the benefits of this type of sales rep.

The Benefits of an Independent Sales Team

Utilizing an Existing Customer Base

The biggest benefit of having independent agents on your sales team is that they come ready with a list of customers that may need just what your company is selling. These customers may be able to see the benefits of your product and know instantly that they need it, not necessarily because of the product or your brand, but because they trust the independent agent that they have been working with in the past. A new full-time sales employee won’t have the same list of customers coming into the business from day one.

Exploring Vertical Markets

Sales agents that are not directly hired as part of your team also have the advantage of being able to determine what markets could be interested in your products but are currently being under utilized by your sales and marketing approach. These vertical markets might not be in your sights, but with the right agent, you could start a trend of your products within a vertical market, then you can build your next advertising campaign on the new markets that have brought in the most success.

Fewer Costs

An independent agent can often cost you less that it would to hire a full-time sales rep for your company. Independent agents need to be trained on the specifics of the products they are selling, but they don’t need to have a full course on how to sell to customers, which can take more time and effort with a new hire. Once they are familiar with the product, the overhead to maintain the business relationship is relatively low and can benefit smaller businesses and startups.

The benefits of having an independent agent working for your team are important to understand if you want to find a different way to sell the same products. For most businesses, these agents are cost effective, hard working and have the resources to expand your customer base.

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