Stay Safer in Your Old Car

Just because a car is getting old, it doesn’t mean it has to be unsafe. You can follow these tips to a safer ride. Giving your car the right attention now may spare you a wreck due to faulty equipment.

Stay Safer in Your Old Car

Your first line of defense is your tires. Without good ones, you can’t expect your brakes to work effectively. Tires can also tell you if there is a problem with your suspension or steering. An ASE certified technician, who watches over your car maintenance, should check your tires for grooves and pits. These may indicate a problem that could cause a wreck.


While everyone knows brakes bring you to stop, your brakes do much more in modern cars with electronic traction. The system moves brake power to individual wheels, reducing spin and improving grip as the car takes a curve at speed. If your brakes aren’t working well, the car can spin out of control. Replacing the pads is an inexpensive and fast fix that protects expensive rotors. If you are in doubt about your brakes, you can have a mechanic check them. Free service checks are available at leading shops such as Discount Muffler, Brake and Automotive.


Every time you get the oil changed, you are acting in the interest of your safety. Regular maintenance finds issues before they turn into break downs. A thorough checkup from an established service shop should always be part of any maintenance plan. A new belt or hose may make the difference between a safe drive down the highway or a loss of control at 65 miles per hour. Timely maintenance can save you from serious auto repair Cary IL later.

Service Light

Although some see a service light as an enemy, it is better to see it as a friend. Owners can act quickly to get the problem solved before it turns into a safety issue. An oil leak, a steering issue, or engine trouble can result in a malfunction while you are driving. If the driver loses control due to the problem, the result may be a costly car crash in terms of both people and property. Even a stranded car leaves the driver and passengers in harm’s way.

With attention to detail, you can ensure that your older car keeps you as safe as possible.

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