Skyrim mod turns opening chests into a treasure hunt

If you’ve ever fancied a spot of treasure searching, a new Skyrim mod might be just for you. As well as being one particular of the best RPG games, Skyrim is renowned for its community creations, and now you can give virtually each and every solitary upper body in the sport a specific essential to unlock it, if you are unwell of the infernal lockpicking minigame.

Aptly named “Locked Chests Have Keys,” this mod from JaySerpa joins their other absurdly great creations like immersive marriage rejections. This mod nevertheless asks wherever all the keys have long gone for Skyrim’s over-abundance of chests, and puts hidden keys nearby for you to come across. Lockpicking is nevertheless an alternative however, if you’re so inclined.

JaySerpa adds that some of these keys will be rather effortless to discover, even though many others will confirm to be considerably more tricky. If a key also previously exists for a chest it’s then linked to that chest precisely as very well, to make each individual a person distinctive.

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The Skyrim mod also has negligible planet edits, as it just provides a “single nicely-concealed key” to each chest location. Unlocked manager chests will also now be locked and have a important nearby, whilst unique mesh types for keys will match their upper body design. So bandit chests will have a certain crucial structure for example, together with dwemer chests and steel strongboxes. Close to 300 chests from Skyrim’s DLC are also coated in the mod as very well.

JaySerpa also suggests that you put the Skyrim mod as higher as achievable in the load get, which ought to enable it continue being compatible with most other mods for the fantasy video game. As long as other Skyrim mods overwrite “Locked Chests Have Keys” you really should be wonderful.

It also appears to be like JaySerpa has bought forward of you lore-hungry players that may be asking why the bandits never just keep on to the keys at all moments, as they give two reasons for hiding the keys all-around the entire world.

“Lore-friendly explanation: Due to the fact bandits know that when dwelling amongst master pickpockets, you should not snooze with your most important crucial all over your neck. True explanation: It would be messy to offer with inventories and it’d make it much too easy to bypass lockpicking completely. This is a cleaner way and it provides an further problem: obtain the critical!”

If you want to dive into this Skyrim important hunt mod you can discover it on Nexus Mods.

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