Saints Row: How to Get the Thrustbuster

The Thrustbuster is possibly the most exceptional weapon in the Saints Row reboot and a person of the number of that perfectly embodies the odd-ball shenanigans the franchise is most recognized for. Peculiar and entirely chuckle-worthy, the weapon is a sticky metal football that attaches to enemies and employs thrusters to mail them rocketing in random instructions, resulting in a a single-shot destroy. 

Just as with the Hoverboard, it truly is achievable to enjoy as a result of the entirety of Saints Row and never occur across the Thrustbuster. It really is a reward for finishing one of the game’s Prison Ventures. This guideline will tell you how to unlock the Thrustbuster and how to use it. 

How to Unlock the Thrustbuster

To get the Thurstbuster, you must 1st unlock the Empire Desk in the Saints Church HQ. You’ll do so immediately after completing the 10th campaign quest, “Networking.”

You can expect to upcoming require to increase your Empire Tier Stage to Tier Amount 2 and unlock the Eurekabator! Felony Enterprise. You may elevate your Empire Stage immediately after completing the sidequest, “Drawing Heat,” which will become accessible soon after placing 3 Felony Ventures and finishing the 11th marketing campaign mission, “Aggressive Recruiting.”  

Complete the 3rd mission in the Eurekabator! questline (right after acquiring the Hoverboard and the Quantum Aperture). Basically adhere to the waypoints and full the goals, and you can expect to get the Thrustbuster at the conclusion as a reward. 

After unlocked, you can insert the football of loss of life to your weapon wheel by going to any Helpful Fireplace locale or accessing your Weapon Cache at Saints HQ. It can be found beneath the Distinctive Weapons tab. 

The Thrustbuster has 8 “shots” and the Mass Transit signature ability, which pulls alongside a lot more enemies caught in an enemy’s route. Unlock it by building solitary enemies fly a total of 6,000 meters. 


  • Throw: Press R2 on PlayStation and RT on Xbox.
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  • Fine Purpose Throw: Maintain L2 and push R2 on PlayStation hold LT and push RT on Xbox. 
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And that is it on the Thrustbuster in Saints Row. To learn how to unlock all the other weapons in the activity, head to our finish weapons listing here. Contemplate checking out our Saints Row guides hub for a lot more guidelines on creating your Criminal Empire and turning out to be your own Boss. 

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