Saints Row: How to Get the Hoverboard

The Saints Row reboot may perhaps not be as whacky and in excess of-the-top as past collection entries, alternatively seeking to obtain a stability amongst the critical and the absurd, but there are a few weapons, vehicles, and objects that harken back again to the third and fourth online games in the franchise. The Hoverboard is a single of these goods, and when it really is not the very best car or truck to use when outrunning the legislation, Marshall, or any of Santo Ileso’s gangs, it can be exciting to use. 

This Saints Row tutorial will inform you how to get the Hoverboard and how to control it. If you don’t know wherever to appear for it, you could beat the sport and in no way come throughout it. 

How to Unlock the Hoverboard

The very first step to receiving the Hoverboard is unlocking the Empire Table in the Saints Church HQ. You are going to do so after finishing the 10th campaign quest, “Networking.”

The following phase is expanding your Empire Tier Amount to Tier Degree 2 and unlocking the Eurekabator! Felony Undertaking. You can expect to raise your Empire Amount quickly just after finishing the sidequest, “Drawing Heat,” which results in being obtainable just after putting three Legal Ventures and completing the 11th marketing campaign mission, “Intense Recruiting.”  

Place the Eurekabator! Prison Venture for $100,000 any where on the map uncovered on the Empire Table, and speak with Chloe Morris, the NPC in the Eurekabator’s garage, at the time you arrive at the spot. She’ll give you a quest to stop by the field lab in Velasco Bay, Badlands North, which is discovered just north of Lakeshore North. Use the Bear Lake rapidly-journey site in Marina West to get there speedier. 

Once you arrive, you will need to exam Prototype TRP 62-8S: the Hoverboard. Simply stick to the waypoints and complete the goals during this mission, and you may get the Hoverboard as a reward at the finish. 

You can obtain the Hoverboard in your Motor vehicle Garage both at Jim Rob’s or Saints HQ under Prototype RTP 62-8S. You can also transform its style presets and customize its paint designs. It has no body mods, alternate audio possibilities, or a Signature Skill.

Hoverboard Controls

The Hoverboard is a flexible however unwieldy automobile. It moves speedy and turns swiftly, can be used on water or to leap over road blocks, and has a slam assault capable to deliver enemies flying. However, it really is also incredibly light-weight, making it vulnerable to bouncing and ragdolling all more than the natural environment, whether struck by another car or truck or an item. 

The preliminary Eurekbator! quest will show you how to command this futuristic prototype, but listed here are the controls if you require a refresher: 


  • Go forward/back: Press the still left stick ahead/back again
  • &#13

  • Strafe remaining/ideal: Press the remaining stick still left/ideal
  • &#13

  • Change: Push the still left adhere still left/proper while pressing the right adhere still left/right.
  • &#13

  • Jump: X on PlayStation and A on Xbox. 
  • &#13

  • Slam: Soar, then press L2 on PlayStation and LT on Xbox. 
  • &#13

  • Get on/off: Triangle on PlayStation and Y on Xbox.  
  • &#13

Be aware the ~half-next hold off on the slam animation, which stops all ahead movement and attacks regardless of what is straight beneath you when the button is pressed. 

Which is every thing you need to know about receiving the Hoverboard in Saints Row. There is a great deal additional to creating a legal empire than driving as a result of the streets of Santo Ileso, like Marty McFly. Get more guidelines proper right here

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