Riot could make possible exception to longstanding regional restriction rule for LEC teams at Worlds 2022

One of the oldest rules in the history of the League of Legends Earth Championship could be forgotten this period. 

Historically, no team of teams in the Worlds group phase can feature two squads from the very same region. But considering the fact that 4 teams from Europe’s LEC will be existing at the tournament, with two of them collaborating in the Worlds participate in-in stage, Riot is earning an exception for the league’s most affordable two seeds. 

Really should both equally the 3rd and fourth seeds out of the LEC make it by the Worlds play-in stage, the fourth-seeded team will not be impacted by regional constraints during the group phase. 

This means that MAD Lions, who have by now locked in the region’s fourth seed, could potentially be put in the very same team at Worlds as a single of their LEC counterparts, assuming the third-seeded crew out of the area helps make it past the perform-in phase as properly. 

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This rule will only be in effect if both equally of the LEC’s participate in-in teams make it past the tournament’s original stage and into the principal event. Ought to either of the two enjoy-in groups from Europe be eradicated in the opening round, the common Worlds procedures concerning regional constraints will continue on to be in spot.  

This year, the LEC is sending four teams to Worlds in light of the reality that the LCL will not have a agent present at the tournament. The LCL, which is a small league dependent out of the Commonwealth of Intercontinental States, was pressured to pause functions in March because of to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine. 

“We are making this update simply because by the time we changed the LCL first seed with the LEC fourth seed, the party seeding was now locked,” Riot Video games reported in an update nowadays. “This resulted in a predicament where it would be not possible to be certain that the perform-in phase results would not lead to an invalidation of the team phase attract.” 

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A few of the four teams collaborating in Worlds from the LEC have not nonetheless had their seeding decided. Proper now, only MAD Lions (fourth seed) have locked in their location in the enjoy-in phase. 

Each the 3rd and fourth seeds out of the LEC’s Summertime Break up playoffs will take part in the Worlds participate in-in stage. The two teams that do fight in the grand finals will slot immediately into the team phase of the tournament. 

The LEC’s remaining seeds at Worlds will be decided in the course of the league’s grand finals weekend, which begins tomorrow, Sept. 10. The Worlds enjoy-in stage is established to kick off on Sept. 29. 

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