Residential Solutions for Digital Nomads

The advent of the internet changed the way that people relax, manage their money and do business; gainful employment once required the employee to select a city, work hard to reach the top and live in that location unless a major life change or opportunity forced them to consider relocation. However, the post-service, information-based economy changed all of that, and today’s workers can select a city based solely on personal preferences or what best accommodates their families’ needs.

Residential Solutions for Digital Nomads

Options for Singles and Families

While families headed by one or two individuals who earn a living entirely online, also known as digital nomads, certainly have the option to move around frequently, most choose not to do so. However, single people or couples without kids are not restricted to a single city or region where they wish to educate their children; in fact, those who are not tied to a particular area because of work or family responsibilities can easily move around to better explore the parts of the world that they have always wanted to see.

In a situation where frequent relocation is likely, it seems silly to sign a 12-month lease or buy a house, making many digital nomads wonder what type of housing is appropriate for their situation. Many remote workers opt to utilize extended stay hotels, rooming houses and even typical hotels, assuming that they offer excellent amenities and affordable weekly or monthly rates. While many people believe that living in any type of short-term housing is outside of their price range, adding up the costs of rent or a mortgage payment, utilities and other common, recurring expenses paints a much clearer picture of the actual cost of any given living situation; when combined with the lower cost of living that exists in many parts of the U.S. and internationally, relocating often becomes much more affordable.

Singles or couples with children often find that they do not want to make the financial commitment to owning a home or paying a high amount of rent; when this is the case, many families find themselves in search of housing alternatives. From fully furnished Houston corporate housing to renting a flat in the city, plenty of choices exist for those who want to make the most of their status as a remote worker. Regardless of how or where digital nomads choose live, the experience is incredible.

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