Rek’Sai beyond broken 5 League patches in a row with no sign of nerfs

A powerful early-game ganking jungler typically picked as Lee Sin counter, Rek’Sai has been dominating Summoner’s Rift jungle for 5 patches now. Averaging a 53 p.c win amount with a five percent choose charge and eight p.c ban rate in Master+, according to U.GG, Rek’Sai is quickly a single of the most broken junglers in the existing League of Legends meta. 

Even though Rek’Sai has always been a powerful choose in the hands of a extremely expert participant, particularly in the early sport, her latest early-activity energy has been intolerable mainly thanks to bruiser-like itemization and sturdy base stats. Rek’Sai’s create path normally contains Prowler’s Claw, Death Dance or Maw of Malmortius, and Black Cleaver. While Prowler’s Claw helps Rek’Sai to shut the gap among her and her goal and tends to make it unachievable to dodge the knock-up, Demise Dance and Maw of Malmortius invest in her ample time to burst priority targets. 

Given that Rek’Sai is easily a person of the strongest champions in the early game, she demands to close out online games as soon as feasible due to the fact she falls off seriously in the mid to late game. Despite the fact that it might be tough to stop Rek’Sai from snowballing, it’s now the greatest tactic when it comes to shutting down the primary Void queen. If you, on the other hand, want to match Rek’Sai early-video game efficiency, attempt buying a similar intense jungler like Elise, Udyr, or Volibear. 

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