Race Clicker Codes 2022

Get the latest codes for Race Clicker, one of the most popular Roblox games right now. The game is all about clicking (why do Roblox gamers love clicking so much?), and winning races. The more you click, the faster you go, eventually smashing past different targets to become the fastest on the server.

These Race Clicker codes offer you free wins, which will give you a head start on your journey to becoming the ultimate racing clicker. Those wins can be used to purchase upgrades for your character. Let’s race!

All Race Clicker codes

Code Reward Active/Expired
500KLikes Free wins Active
Almost100MVisits Free wins Active
1MGroupMembers 15 wins Active
ThankYou50M 25 wins Active
ThanksFor5MillionsVisits 8 wins Active
LetsGo5KLikes 6 wins Active
NewUpdate 3 wins Active

How do you Redeem Race Clicker codes

  1. You click the Twitter icon on the side of the screen
  2. This will open the code menu
  3. You enter the code and redeem
  4. Enjoy your free wins

Race Clicker Codes

If these code don’t work, it may be because they have already expired, or you haven’t entered them correctly. Make sure to copy and paste directly from our list above to guarantee your free wins!

How to get more Race Clicker codes

Race Clicker codes are always available right here, on our codes page. We check regularly so you don’t have to. For more information about the game, and to keep track of new codes, updates, and sneak peeks, make sure to join the official Discord.

What are Race Clicker Codes?

Race Clicker codes are free rewards, mostly free wins, they are given out by the devs at 48h games to celebrate new like milestones and updates. New codes are added pretty regularly, especially as the game is very popular at the moment and smashing most like goals.

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