PUBG 19.2 changes animations and weather, and launches McLaren collab

The PUBG 19.2 patch notes define a variety of modifications to the fight royale’s animation and temperature techniques, as well as new weapon attachments, alterations to Deston, and a litany of automobiles intended in collaboration with supercar and F1 manufacturer McLaren.

As outlined by Krafton and PUBG Studios earlier this calendar year, animations in the fight royale have been subtly tweaked and built on to incorporate far more realism to your character’s motion. If you are functioning at a entire dash, fairly than halting dead once you launch the run essential, there will now be a quick delay as your fat shifts from front to again. Reloads have been altered so that more of the motion – like the clip currently being withdrawn, and a new 1 inserted – happens on display screen, significantly though taking part in in initially-human being check out.

Melee assaults have also been reworked. Right up until now, you could spam the melee essential and hit a series of perfect, rhythmic, evenly timed attacks. Now the animation is a minimal additional varied, with the purpose being to make melee glimpse far more believable. PUBG Studios says, having said that, that these animation changes will not substantially impact gameplay and timing.

“Prior to the update, the melee attacks had some jitter and were evenly timed,” claims the studio. “We attempted to make it much more seamless and organic, and we believe this helps make the action search and sense more powerful. The purpose for the update is to improve participant working experience by improving upon and refining the game’s animation presentation, though retaining present timing and approach.”

On the topic of increasing presentation, Deston has been retooled to involve a dynamic weather cycle, with the lights and skyline modifying all over every recreation. This is not a whole working day-night dynamic, but rather an endeavor to vary the appearance of the map based mostly on time of day and the duration of the sport. The angle of the sun, which can be detrimental relying on the route you’re aiming and sniping, will undergo “no drastic change” above the study course of just about every match. Deston also has an special new motor vehicle coming with patch 19.2, a significant food items truck which allows four players to aim and shoot from secure positions instantly out of the sides. Hungry or not, if you see this ice-cream van coming, get in go over.

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The preceding Assassin’s Creed collaboration attracts to an stop in 19.2, but PUBG cars get a additional revamp many thanks to a new partnership with supercar and F1 maker McLaren, which offers a series of purchasable loot caches and a new Crafter Pass for you to improve your cars in the Workshop. If you obtain the McLaren-themed cosmetics, you can transform the current Couple RB into either an Onyx Black, Silica White, or Volcano Yellow athletics car, and edit the paintwork, wheels, brake callipers, and a lot more exterior of matches in the Workshop.

If you find a Coupe RB out in the wild, just head in excess of to it and use the new “Vehicle Interaction” perform to include your customized McLaren pores and skin. Bear in head, nevertheless, that the modifications are only cosmetic, and the general performance of the motor vehicle stays the same. The collaboration operates until eventually November 2, and you can read much more about 19.2, which include some of the minimal improvements to maps like extra address factors, in this article.

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