PlayStation 5 Major Revamp with Detachable Disc Drive Reportedly Planned for 2023

Because launching the PlayStation 5 back in 2020, Sony has quietly produced several revisions to the components, lessening its bodyweight and electric power use, among other adjustments (the most new revamp of the hardware has just begun rolling out). That mentioned, except you truly open up up the machines, most standard people would not detect the difference between the several PS5 revisions.

Perfectly, in accordance to insider Tom Henderson, who’s sent the goods on Sony hardware in the previous, a a lot more important revamp of the PlayStation 5 is in the works for 2023. This new PS5 is seemingly codenamed the “D chassis” internally (following the A, B, and C chassis models). For each Henderson, the major change is this product will present a removable Blu-ray disc travel, probably simplifying the current problem in which Sony gives two PS5 SKUs – just one with a disc push and just one without having. Phrase is, this new model of the PS5 will swap earlier designs.

It truly is claimed the detachable disc generate will plug into a USB-C port on the back again of the console and will not “ruin the aesthetics” of the machine. The disc travel will possible be integrated in some bundles, but will also be sold individually, so gamers can decide if they want it to be aspect of their set up or not. Past that, it is mysterious what other alterations could be in store for the new PS5, but Henderson hints it may well be slimmer and lighter than before designs.

Of training course, get this with a grain of salt for now, but this all sounds reasonably plausible. The launch PS5 had its share of layout challenges, and the two-SKU technique has proven less than perfect, so it would make perception for Sony to want to launch a thing a lot more refined as quickly as probable. Preferably, a new model of the hardware would also be less difficult to manufacture, serving to Sony offer with their persistent PS5 source concerns.

For each Henderson, the new PlayStation5 model is set to launch around September 2023. What do you think? Does this new PS5 sound promising? What would you want out of a revision of the hardware?

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