Players can cancel Viper’s Snake Bite in VALORANT with a neat trick

Viper’s Snake Chunk can cancel out the destruction from a different Viper’s Snake Chunk if the participant employs it on them selves. 

Viper has just lately labored her way up by the meta just after Riot Game titles buffed specific elements of her utility, which includes her Snake Bite hurt and the duration of her poison. She is now a should-decide for most VALORANT maps and was the fourth maximum-picked agent at Masters: Copenhagen with a 44 % selection. One of the most deadly facets of Viper’s package is her Snake Chunk capability which can injury both enemies and allies. Viper’s Snake Bite is usually utilized in put up-plant situations to discourage enemies from defusing the spike, and with this trick, other Viper gamers can bypass the aggravation of working with lineups.

Redditor Inpharen posted a video to the official VALORANT subreddit showcasing the trick on Breeze. As soon as the spike has been planted, the allied Viper goes in to defuse the spike but is stopped when the enemy Viper throws a Snake Bite onto the spike, which would generally significantly injury the diffuser. To mitigate this, the allied Viper also throws a Snake Bite on to on their own, overriding the authentic damage. In VALORANT, gamers can damage by themselves with skills, but that hurt is lessened if it self inflicted. For this circumstance, the Snake Chunk thrown by the allied Viper is on leading and does a lot less destruction, allowing for the allied Viper to finish defusing the spike. A very similar tactic was identified on Reddit previously this 7 days in which Skye was demonstrated canceling out the flash from another Skye by flashing them selves.

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