Pay to win? Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2’s $100 Vault Edition-exclusive bonus instantly unlocks all attachments for a gun

The Phone of Obligation: Contemporary Warfare 2 hype has achieved an all-time large forward of the Contact of Duty: Following are living stream expose tomorrow, but a new movie posted to social media is creating some concern amongst the participant foundation.

The video posted this afternoon teases the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault, a pre-order bonus for the $100 Vault Edition. Players who pre-purchase will also be ready to use the Weapon Vault in the beta over the following handful of weekends.

Activision has been relatively restricted-lipped about just what a Weapon Vault definitely is, but this video sheds some specifics on what it could indicate. The video says it will let you to “instantly unlock all 50-in addition attachments,” slicing out the time it typically usually takes to amount up a gun and gain them the natural way.

This is an speedy result in for issue for some players. Usually, players start at a stage actively playing discipline with weapons acquiring to be leveled from the floor up. Blueprint weapons are similar, but individuals contain particular attachments that are not able to be swapped out till other attachments are unlocked.

This only implies that players who order the Vault Version and instantly unlock all attachments for the FJX Cinder will be at an quick gain over other gamers not ready to fork in excess of the supplemental $30 for the Vault Version.

“Stay tuned for details on the FJX Cinder Weapon Vault and the new Gunsmith nearer to Modern day Warfare II’s launch,” Activision teased in an upday about MW2’s editions and gains a few of months back.

The trigger for significant worry is the concern of what this might indicate for long term Weapon Vaults. Will players basically be ready to immediately unlock all attachments for each weapon that is subsequently produced in long term content material drops? Preceding CoD microtransactions have been generally cosmetic. This is really a various beast.

Ideally, much more will be disclosed during Contact of Responsibility: Up coming tomorrow at 11:30am CT forward of MW2‘s launch on Oct. 28.

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