Overwatch 2’s newest hero, Kiriko, blends tradition and modernity with a powerful healing kit 

Whispers of a hero primarily based all-around the cunning and mischievous fox spirit, or kitsune, have been swirling in the Overwatch neighborhood for a long time. Developers have sprinkled powerful hints during Overwatch 2s betas about the achievable inclusion of another Japanese hero, and now it is last but not least time for the protector of Kanezaka to formally make her debut.

Kiriko, a youthful woman who skilled alongside Hanzo and Genji Shimada and carries the electricity of the fox spirit into battle, will be Overwatch 2’s following hero.

She’ll be the 1st support hero produced in the recreation in over 3 a long time and provides with her an extremely strong package based all around mobility and crew-wide buffs. 

A protector of the shrine in Kanezaka like her grandmother just before her, Kiriko utilizes the fox spirit to aid mobility and electricity for her crew. Her mother, a storied ninja who skilled the Shimada brothers, instilled in her a preventing spirit. Kiriko has banded together with a group of teens who contact themselves the Yokai to safeguard Kanezaka neighborhood users threatened by the Hashimoto, an evil clan that moved in just after the Shimada clan disbanded. 

Players who currently have Overwatch will have Kiriko unlocked for totally free when Overwatch 2 launches in early access on Oct. 4 as lengthy as they log in before the initial 9-7 days period is up.

She’ll be promptly unlocked if a top quality Season A person battle pass is procured if not, new Overwatch players will have to unlock her by way of the free of charge pass.



Developers explain Kiriko as a “single-goal hybrid healer” that can get into a skirmish and enable out in any way probable. Her highly effective kit reflects this division in between therapeutic and working problems. 

Most important Fire: Healing Ofuda 

Kiriko is capable to target allies and toss ofuda–paper talismans imbued with powers–in their course to recover them. This is a collection of five projectiles that will hone in on an ally. The Healing Ofuda is a pretty sluggish-moving capability, so there is an opportunity for gamers to toss them forward of time if they anticipate hurt.  

Secondary Fire: Kunai 

Not written content with sitting back again and letting anyone else have the pleasurable, Kiriko throws kunai with her secondary hearth to deal injury. They are extremely fast and inflict extra injury when they hit critically, generating the capability a lot more beneficial to gamers who are utilised to aiming projectiles.  

Swift Step 

Kiriko’s key movement capability is the Swift Stage, which enables her to goal a single ally–in the vein of Mercy’s Guardian Angel ability–and teleport to them instantly. This teleport can even go through partitions, generating it priceless when hoping to catch up with a group or save allies from a skirmish somewhere else on the map. 

Security Suzu 

Probably Kiriko’s most valuable ability, the Defense Suzu is a compact “bell” that can be thrown on the floor or into allies that presents a shorter burst of immortality and cleanses all debuffs.

Though other skills (like Zarya’s boundaries) can cleanse selected debuffs this is the initial capacity in Overwatch that can even totally take away Ultimate-dependent debuffs. In a press convention, builders verified this cleanse incorporates consequences from Reinhardt’s Earthshatter and Sombra’s EMP. Safety Suzu will also remove regular debuffs, like Ashe’s Dynamite fireplace hurt, Ana’s Sleep Dart and anti-heal grenades, and more. 

It reportedly has a long cooldown, while, so players will have to be mindful of when and the place to cast it.     

Best: Kitsune Rush 

This lively visible ultimate–which was teased in a single of the Overwatch 2 trailers–sees Kiriko forged a “path” that gives massive buffs to teammates. According to the Developer Update, Kitsune Hurry offers allies “movement velocity, assault velocity, reload speed,” and a cooldown reduction.

For example, an ally Ana hit by Kitsune Rush would see her cooldowns for Therapeutic Grenade and Rest Dart decreased substantially, making individuals capabilities obtainable faster. 

This seems to be a excellent capacity for rushing in and partaking fights, producing it more of an offensive help top in the vein of Brigitte’s Rally and significantly less of a defensive one particular like Zenyatta’s Transcendence. 

As a passive capability, Kiriko can also climb partitions the exact way Genji and Hanzo can.

All of this seems incredibly powerful for a assistance hero, but builders are conscious of the overpowered prospective of her kit and are operating tricky to equilibrium it. 

In a press meeting, Hero Designer Piero Herrera stated that the invulnerability of her Defense Suzu is just one of the matters they’re “certainly viewing for” in playtests. 

“We have procedures in spot to make sure we can realize stability even right after she’s produced, in the 1st few of weeks,” he stated. “She’s packed up with a great deal of utility but I consider we nailed the equilibrium actually properly.”

Kiriko will be available from Oct. 4 when Overwatch 2 launches in early entry.   

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