No VCS again? Riot global esports head says they’re still working to get teams to Worlds 2022

Fingers are crossed for the VCS groups headed to the 2022 League of Legends Environment Championship, soon after stories propose that visas have been declined for numerous teams from the location.

GAM Esports, VCS Summer months 2022 champions and Vietnam’s prime seed, reportedly experienced their software for U.S. visas declined, in accordance to news site Bongdaplus. They do, even so, nevertheless have a chance to re-apply for the visa in two weeks. It is reducing a little bit near to the tournament, and with Saigon Buffalo reportedly not having secured a visa for Mexico, the location is at hazard of not go to Worlds when once again.

Riot Games’ worldwide esports head Naz Aletaha also responded to the experiences on social media, stating that the staff is “working with the govt reps to do no matter what [they] can to get GAM to Worlds.” However, there is even now a very good prospect that the visa is declined and equally groups are not in a position to contend at the most important tournament of the yr.

The VCS has not been equipped to attend a Environment Championship since 2019, and has skipped multiple intercontinental gatherings considering the fact that the start off of the COVID-19. The only intercontinental party that the VCS has been in a position to enjoy in is the 2022 Mid-Year Invitational, wherever Saigon Buffalo have been equipped to get to the Rumble phase of the event.

If the VCS isn’t capable to attend Worlds this yr, it isn’t acknowledged which teams will just take their put, or if the tournament will acquire on a re-altered agenda thanks to the missing teams. We could see other main regions obtain an extra slot, or other small area groups get an added slot ahead of the commence of the event.

Worlds 2022 will start on Thursday, Sept. 29 with the participate in-in phase.

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