New video details ‘Gunsmith 2.0’ revamp in Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2

Infinity Ward has dropped some new intel on the modifications coming to the Gunsmith in Contact of Responsibility: Contemporary Warfare 2 in a new online video now.

The new intel drop reveals off the Gunsmith’s new interface and delved further into weapon platforms, which are explained as a weapon’s “family.” The new Receiver attachment slot will unlock unique weapons within just the family, with the case in point supplied currently being leveling up the M4 until you unlock the M16 receiver.

The modifications that you have already unlocked for the M4 will then be useable for the M16, and so on. This generally removes some of the grind desired to unlock different attachments on weapons in the very same relatives.

“The receiver this time is driving gunsmith as it would be in fact and each individual of these individual receivers have their possess exceptional development,” reported Infinity Ward principal artist Ben Garnell.

The company also defined a bit far more about Weapon Vaults, which appear to be to be a way to choose a weapon platform and retain the aesthetic between unique attachments as an alternative of acquiring a wide range of various-wanting attachments throughout blueprints.

Activision is promising more info about the Gunsmith all through tomorrow’s Phone of Responsibility: Subsequent livestream expose, which will comprise facts about MW2 multiplayer, Warzone 2., Warzone Cellular, and far more.

Modern day Warfare 2 releases globally on Oct. 28.

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