New Half-Life RTS Citadel detailed further by Dota 2 datamine

The rumoured Half-Lifestyle: Alyx follow-up, Fifty percent-Existence Citadel, is supposedly an FPS and RTS video game hybrid, with a new Dota 2 datamine suggesting feasible characters and mechanics for Valve’s mysterious Steam sequel, that might serve as a companion to Half-Lifestyle 3.

Information all over 50 %-Everyday living Citadel are nonetheless few and much concerning, so if this is your very first time learning about, what we know so significantly is that it is an RTS sport with supposed FPS aspects, whereby you engage in the commander of the ominous Citadel that towers in excess of Fifty percent-Everyday living 2’s Town 17, and command a force of NPC troopers to do your, presumably evil, bidding. It connects, normally, to the rest of the Fifty percent-Lifestyle narrative, together with Fifty percent-Lifetime: Alyx, and may, like that activity, utilise VR.

A current datamine of Dota 2, on the other hand, appears to be to offer you some further more particulars. Uncovered by YouTuber and Valve aficionado Tyler McVicker, there are a few particular code strings that trace at accurately what to anticipate in Half-Daily life Citadel. The datamine uncovers dozens of mentions of the phrase “vehicles”, probably hinting that Citadel will not only characteristic motor vehicles, but make it possible for them to be extensively customised. There is also a string termed “HEVSuit.PlugDetach”, which could imply that gamers in Citadel can use the popular Fifty percent-Lifetime Dangerous Setting accommodate, and connect and detach numerous modifications and updates, probably for use in the game’s FPS sections.

Ultimately, 1 of the NPCs is named “Houndeye”, which you may perhaps try to remember as the weirdly lovely alien canine-style creatures from the primary Fifty percent-Everyday living. According to the datamine, gamers could be in a position to attach objects to Houndeyes, again suggesting customisation and enhance alternatives, probably when it arrives to acquiring your units for the RTS part of the video game. This would also counsel that the authentic Xen aliens from the 1998 Fifty percent-Lifestyle return for Citadel.

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In reference to the “vehicles” string, McVicker speculates that the mentions are so several they may point out the existence of an additional upcoming Valve job fully. Greg Coomer, solution designer at Valve, a short while ago informed Famitsu, in an interview translated by TweakTown, that the Portal and Remaining 4 Useless developer at present has “a large amount of games in development”.

As we wait on additional info pertaining to 50 %-Lifetime Citadel, you can go through all about whatever occurred to Fifty percent-Life 3. You can also test out some of the other ideal FPS and finest RTS video games on Computer system, which perhaps, just probably, will a person working day characteristic a 50 percent-Existence spin-off.

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