New Apex Legends comic heavily hints at next Heirloom

Respawn dropped one more Apex Legends comedian these days that seems to hint even more at Loba acquiring the game’s upcoming Heirloom.

In a four-webpage comedian shared to the official Apex Twitter account, the developer discovered extra lore concentrating on Loba and her associate Jaime. The initially page of the comedian reveals the two in the process of shifting out: Jaime is reminiscing on their adventures as he packs up their items. A mysterious woman who reveals herself as a single of Loba’s thievery clients breaks in and heckles Jaime about Loba ending a contract with her.

In the latter half of the comic, the lady admonishes Jaime to view out for Loba. “She’s not prey any more. She’s the predator,” she warns. Jaime fights back, but the lady isn’t listening to any of it.

Immediately after she leaves, Loba arrives, and it is discovered that she was eavesdropping the full time. On the very previous web page, she references her admirer, which a lot of feel will be her Heirloom this year. “The reproduction is almost accomplished. I manufactured a few modifications to the design and style that my enemies will just appreciate,” she claims about it. The comedian finishes with Jaime offering Loba a software that will get her into secret underground amenities underneath Kings Canyon and with Loba threatening to appear for “Demonio,” presumably Revenant.

This comedian is the 2nd in a electronic series that Respawn has been sharing with supporters through Twitter for the very last number of weeks. Many imagine that Loba’s lover will be this season’s Heirloom many thanks to its notable look in both sets of comics. Respawn has but to announce an party or anything comparable, so it is unclear for now if admirers guessed accurately.

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