Mod just straight up puts ULTRAKILL into Devil May Cry 5 and it works

Have you ever puzzled what would come about if you made Nero and Dante and Vergil into some thing arguably-more-murderous? Effectively, 1 modder has questioned just that and then acted on this thought: Behold, the robots of Ultrakill (opens in new tab) brought into Devil May possibly Cry 5. (opens in new tab)

Ultrakill is a wild trip of a retro-shooter that has robots bathing in the blood of their enemies to heal, which in our Chris Livingston’s opinion is “even extra metal than DOOM.” (opens in new tab) Devil Could Cry 5 is a 3rd human being motion brawler in an iconic sequence that we’re all continue to a bit peeved we didn’t get the good particular edition of on Computer system. (opens in new tab)

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