Minion Simulator Codes (October 2022)

In Minion Simulator, you are given a minion and told to go mine as much as possible. As you mine, you get gold and gems, which you can use to upgrade your Minion and character. Gems are the most important currency because they open up new areas and allow you to purchase better minions. Depending on how good your minions are, you may be able to have them complete all of your mining for you.

Below are codes to get ahead in the game, which can give you boosters for gems, gems, gold, and boosts for your minions. Using these codes can make getting enough minions to get through the first wall incredibly simple, and if you focus after entering them, you can even get gold minions in your first thirty minutes.

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 All Minion Simulator Codes List

Updated October 6, 2022

Added a new code.

Minion Simulator Codes (Working)

Here’s a look at all the working Minion Simulator codes.

  • LIKE150K—Redeem for 2x Mega Lucky Boosters (New)
  • LIKE140K—Redeem for a Mega Lucky Booster (New)
  • LIKE130K—Redeem for 3 Triple Damage Boosters (New)
  • TWITTER60K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster and a Triple Damage Booster
  • LIKE120K—Redeem for 2 Triple Damage Booster
  • GROUP200K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster

 Minion Simulator Codes (Expired)

These codes for Minion Simulator no longer work.

  • LIKE110K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster and a Triple Damage Booster
  • LIKE100K—Redeem for 2 Mega Lucky Boosters
  • LIKE90K—Redeem for 3 Triple Damage Boosters
  • LIKE80K—Redeem for 3 Triple Gems Boosters
  • WUMPUS20K—Redeem for a Mega Lucky Booster
  • LIKE70K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster and a Mega Lucky Booster
  • TWITTER40K—Redeem for 2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • TWITTER30K—Redeem for a Mega Luck Boost
  • WUMPUS6000—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER20K—Redeem for 2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • WUMPUS4000—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster
  • LIKE25K—Redeem for 2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE20K—Redeem for a Triple Gemms Booster and a Super Lucky Booster
  • TWITTER15K—Redeem for 2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE15K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster
  • TWITTER10K—Redeem for a Triple Gems Booster
  • NEON—Redeem for 2 Triple Gems Boosters
  • LIKE10K—Redeem for free rewards
  • LIKE5000—Redeem for 2 Lucky Boosters
  • TWITTER5K—Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster
  • TWITTER2K—Redeem for a Super Lucky Booster
  • LIKE500—Redeem this code for 5k gems
  • LIKE750—Redeem this code for 5k gems
  • Like2000—Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster
  • TWITTER1K—Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster
  • LIKE250—Redeem this code for 3k gems
  • LAUNCH—Redeem this code for a Triple Gem Booster and Super Lucky Booster

 Minion Simulator FAQ

Minion Simulator Frequently asked questions, Answered

 How to redeem Minion Simulator codes

Redeeming codes for free rewards in Minion Simulator is easy.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. Launch the Minion Simulator on Roblox
  2. Click the Shop Icon on the left side of the screen
  3. A new window will open, scroll all the way to the bottom and click Redeem
  4. Type your code into the text box
  5. Click Redeem! to get your reward

How can you get more Minion Simulator codes?

The most important thing you need to do to remain up to date on these Minion Simulator codes is to check back at this page as much as possible. We update codes very often, and we double-check any reported to us. You can also find codes through the Minion Simulator’s Twitter page, where many codes are posted. You can also join Discord which updates players on when new codes and updates have been added.

Why aren’t my Minion Simulator codes working?

Make sure you copy the codes above and then paste them into the game because the slightest mistake in entering your code will cause the game to see the code as invalid. Copy-pasting the code avoids this. If the code is expired, it won’t work. If you are sure that you entered the code correctly, then let us know, and we will double-check the code.

How to verify your Twitter username for rewards

It’s easy to verify your Twitter username, and it benefits you because you can get a 50% permanent boost.

Screenshot by Pro Game Guides
  1. Follow the developer oof Minion Simulator on Twitter.
  2. Go to the main hub where you buy all of the chests.
  3. Look for the sign on the right side of the entrance to the mining field
  4. Click the Verify button and then write your Twitter Username in the text box
  5. Press Verify! to get your reward.

What is Minion Simulator?

The main objective of Minion Simulator is to get through the walls and collect the best minions. The game revolves around gems, which are the most valuable currency. You can spend a lot just trying to get through the wall the first time when you mine the crystals around the map. The easiest way to get rid of bad minions is to combine them with gold. The golden minions you can get by combining minions are far better than the other minions.

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