Marvel’s Midnight Suns: everything we know

Marvel’s Midnight Suns will be dawning before long, with a couple months left before the XCOM devs at Firaxis take us on a Marvel hero demon hunt. While the inexhaustible juggernaut of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is stuck in the throes of cosmic conflicts and maddening multiverses, Midnight Suns is Marvel exploring its occult era. We’ve got accursed tomes. We’ve got a haunted abbey. We’ve got Wolverine with magic runes etched in his tights. And because Blade is there, we’ll have at least one vampire.

Drawing from team-up comics stories dating back to the ’90s, Marvel’s Midnight Suns is the kind of turn-based tactical RPG you’d expect from the XCOM devs. But here, you’ll find hands of cards in place of aliens and hit-chance percentages. Since the game’s unveiling at GamesCom 2021, we’ve been gathering everything we can about its heroes, gameplay, and story to prepare you for your gothic superhero moment in October.

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