Leaked cosmetics reveal possible Amazon x Roblox collab coming soon

Just days after the debut of Walmart Land, which is already seeing mixed reviews across the Roblox community, another Fortune 500 company appears to be dipping its toes into the Metaverse pool. Though Amazon has a pre-existing relationship with Roblox, with Amazon generating its own exclusive Roblox avatar items each month, there’s yet to be an Amazon-branded experience on the platform. However, considering the recent leaks that have been brought to light, this will likely change soon.

On September 27, 2022, popular Roblox leaker Event Hunters posted a tweet showcasing an avatar item that resembles a real-life Amazon box or package. This item, simply titled Box, offers nothing of a description or any real details; the only information that nosy players are given is that it comes from a group called Project Cittadella. The page for this group, similar to the Box item, is completely blank—the description reads “Testing out some stuff,” and it only has one member. However, this member has the username @Amazon and goes by the title HumbleCardboardBlox, a clear play on the popular phrase Humble Cardboard Box that’s typically connected to the smiling company.

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Players have also noticed that the Project Cittadella group was created by SamSwifthoof, a member of the game development group The Gang Stockholm. This group is most notably recognized as the creators of Strongman Simulator, but they’ve also worked on projects with companies outside of Roblox, including NERF and Gucci. If and when Amazon makes its Roblox debut with a themed experience, it’s likely that The Gang Stockholm will be the credited developers.

Little is known about this collab at the time of this article’s publication. When more information is released, including the experience itself, we will create a new guide accordingly.

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