Latest Apex Legends quest seems to confirm Divided Moon map leak

It’s been a extended operate up to Apex Legends’ most recent fight royale map, probably created even more time by the spring 2022 leaks that uncovered new legends, heirlooms, and a new map that was still in improvement. The map in issue was plainly unfinished, with loads of untextured geometry all more than it, but the bones of the map and its skybox seemed an awful large amount like a meteor or moon that had been violently damaged apart.

The map, code-named “Divided Moon,” was theorized to be the moon of Boreas, which Apex players previous noticed being damaged aside by a comet in Seer’s Tales from the Outlands, “Metamorphosis.” Many thanks to today’s episode of the year 14 quest, it looks that players will in fact be receiving a map set on the moon of Boreas in the close to future.

Screengrab via Respawn Enjoyment

The hottest chapter of “Friends Like These” options Seer, seemingly however afflicted by the interview he experienced with Lisa Stone, in which she questioned what Seer experienced in fact done for his residence planet. Apparently seeking to convey a little bit extra tangible support for his residence, Seer reveals to Rampart that he would like to carry the online games to Boreas, therefore bringing a lot more revenue and operate to his household planet.

Rampart right away points out that the particular person that operates the Apex Video games isn’t seriously one particular for altruism, and she has a point, supplied Duardo Silva’s latest background. But that is beside the place: all signs carry on to point to Boreas as the place for the future map in Apex, and we could be receiving that new map as early as season 15.

Due to the fact Respawn usually releases a map approximately when every single four seasons, time 15 would be the following season in line for a new map after the release of Storm Position in year 11, and Olympus in period seven just before that. The mentions of bringing the game titles to Boreas also arrive just after multiple teasers with regards to Boreas and the foreseeable future of its moon in several locations, such as in publications showcased in Lifeline’s Medic, the latest POI to occur to Olympus.

Involving the earlier leaks, the layout of the Divided Moon map, and the recurring references to Boreas, Seer bringing up the possibility of bringing the Apex Online games to Boreas seems to be as close to a remaining affirmation as gamers will get right before the new map is formally declared.

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