Intel’s 13th Gen 13600 and below to be based on the older Alder Lake architecture

Just times back, I reported how enthusiastic I was about the approaching Intel Main i5 13400 (opens in new tab). The addition of E cores is definitely the largest advancement about our most loved finances CPU, the i5 12400 (opens in new tab), but there’s some new details that potential customers me to set an asterisk subsequent to the phrase energized.

In accordance to leaked slides from Igor’s Lab (opens in new tab) (by means of (opens in new tab)) the non-K i5 chips won’t be based mostly on the Raptor Lake architecture, but in its place be based on the present 12th Gen Alder Lake with its Golden Cove P cores. This implies the likes of the 13400, 13500 and 13600 will skip out on the Cypress Cove P main enhancements that appear with Raptor Lake, including cache size boosts.

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