How to Make Money from Typing at Home

Many people are looking for ways to make money from home. One of those ways is simply by typing up documents for clients. This is how it works. A client will send you a document, or a website they want typed. Usually they want this typed into a word document. You type the assignment, check it for errors, and send it back.

How to Make Money from Typing at Home
How to Make Money from Typing at Home

This is the most simple of all the ways to make money at home that I have found. The pay is fairly good, usually about 5 dollars per page typed. It does not take long to do the work if you are a fast touch typist. If you can provide quality work, the clients will continue to return and you will continue to make money. The key to being successful when making money by typing is to ensure accuracy, and have a very fast turnaround time.

So how do you ensure your document is accurate and make sure you have a fast turnaround time? First, you must check your work, go over it over and over, making sure it is perfect before it is ever sent to the client. One single missed keystroke could cause you to lose work in the future and cause you to have a very upset client. Second is your typing speed. You should be able to type very fast very accurately. If typing from home is something you feel you would like to do, I suggest you take a typing test. Many people think they type faster and more accurately than they really do. After you take the typing test you will have a more accurate idea of how long the work will take you.

How do you find work when you want to make money at home typing? This is a very simple but at the same time a very complex question. The simple part is you look on freelance job boards for posting that are looking for someone to type up a document. The complex part is that you have to use several job boards because there are only so many jobs out there like this, and there are thousands of people bidding against you. You also have to be very careful of scammers on freelance job boards. Many of them like to post under the title of ‘Typing From PDF to Word’. I never accept a typing assignment from someone unless they have a strong reputation on the freelance job board they have posted the job on.

While you can make money from home, simply typing up documents for clients, there is not always going to be enough work to provide the type of income most people need. It is best to use typing from home as one of many different ways to make money from home. The jobs are easily done and can be fit into your day easily. They also help build your reputation on the freelance job boards which is very important when it comes to working from home.

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