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Halloween has arrived inside of the popular anime RPG Anime Story! With this experience’s Halloween update comes tons of new features and add-ins, including the one that we’ll be highlighting in this brief guide, the Pumpkin Spirit. To learn more about this spookily-exclusive spirit, including how to obtain it, continue reading below.

How to obtain Pumpkin Spirit in Anime Story

The Pumpkin Spirit is a limited-edition spirit that requires players to obtain three Pumpkin Souls, visit the Church of Hope, and speak to Death, the Pumpkin Spirit Trainer. Once you’ve collected three Pumpkin Souls, you will be able to learn Pumpkin Spirit from this trainer.

Pumpkin Spirit stats

Depending on who in the community you ask, the Soul Scythe is either the best spirit in the experience, or super overrated and not worth the grind. What makes Pumpkin Spirit so strong, in our opinion, is its ability to instill fear in your opponents. Each time that you attack an opponent, whether it’s another player, a mob, or a boss, there’s a random chance that they will become overwhelmed with fear, making them unable to attack or move quickly for a short period of time. During this time, you have an opening to lay on the offense!

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How to get Pumpkin Souls in Anime Story

If you’re interested in obtaining Pumpkin Spirit but are unsure how to go about obtaining Pumpkin Souls, that’s ok, we’ve got you covered! At the time of this article’s publication, the only way to obtain Pumpkin Souls, and normal Souls, is by defeating the Pumpkin Raid Boss, Pumpkin Wraith. When Pumpkin Wraith appears, an event notification will pop up at the top of your screen that informs you of his presence in Hollow World. This boss has a hefty amount of HP, so it’s best to group up with friends or other players before you fight it.

Each time that you defeat Pumpkin Wraith, there’s a very, very, very small chance that it will drop Pumpkin Souls. You won’t receive a Pumpkin Soul every time Pumpkin Wraith is defeated—the drop chance is extremely low! You’ll likely need to defeat this boss multiple times before you’ve even obtained a single Pumpkin Soul.


That’s all there is to know about Pumpkin Spirit! Have you been able to learn it yet? Do you think that it’s worth the grind? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!

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