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Boss Studios’ A 0ne Piece Game, titled after the popular anime and manga that its based on, One Piece, has released its Goku Update and with it has come various bug fixes, an entirely new area, a new race, and even a new support style. To learn more about these new additions and features, including how to obtain the new Goku Style, continue reading our brief guide below.

How to unlock Goku Support Style in A 0ne Piece Game

In order to obtain Goku Style, you’ll first need to reach the Multiverse Sea—the experience’s third sea and the one that was added with the Goku Update. To do this, find the Multiverse Xury NPC who’s located on Dawn Island and speak to them. Upon doing so, you will have the option to teleport to Multiverse Sea.

Once you’ve made it to the Multiverse Sea’s spawn island, you should be able to spot Dragon Ball island in the distance—this is where we need to go next. On Dragon Ball island are two NPCs, Saiyan Andre and Saiyan Andre 2, that will teach you both Goku Style and the Super Saiyan transformation. In order to learn either of these lessons, however, you’ll need to be a Saiyan, meaning that you must re-roll your race until you become one if you’re not Saiyan already.

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Upon speaking to Saiyan Andre 2, assuming that you’re currently a Saiyan yourself, you will be able to purchase Goku Style for 20,000 Gems. If you want to learn the Super Saiyan transformation, you can then do so by speaking to Saiyan Andre and purchasing it for 10,000 Gems. The moveset for Goku Style and Super Saiyan can be found below.

  • Goku Style
    • Punch
    • Kamehameha
    • Kiai
    • Meteor Combo
    • Spirit Bomb
  • Super Saiyan
    • Punch
    • Vanishing Kamehameha
    • Ki Burst
    • Meteor Combo
    • Super Spirit Bomb

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