How to feed and recruit Disney Dreamlight Valley animals

If you want to feed Disney Dreamlight Valley animals, you do not have to have a singing voice like Snow White. Just supply them food and the hungry very little critters will be scuttling all around your toes in no time. In truth, feed them adequate situations, and you’ll be capable to switch them into companions, next you around the Disney game forever as you carry out your every day life sim duties.

Like pets in an MMO game, companions are an avatar customisation choice, so you can pick out which lovely animals you’d like to retain you enterprise on your quests. In order to flip wild critters into companions however, as nicely as earn everyday loot and Dreamlight, you are going to need to have to know how to approach them and what foodstuff they like.

How to feed Dreamlight Valley animals

Each of the 8 Dreamlight Valley animals can be uncovered in their corresponding biome, but only two of just about every will spawn for every working day. You can also only feed every single critter at the time just about every 24 hours, so be guaranteed to go out of your way to maintain your very little mates perfectly-fed – and reap the rewards.

When fed, animals have the possibility to drop seeds and other beneficial items, which include cosmetics and Dreamlight Shards. There are also a selection of achievements for feeding critters which will reward you with Dreamlight.

Disney Dreamlight Valley animal companions

How to get animals as companions

All you need to do to recruit animals to be your companion is feed just about every variant twice. – and it does not even have to be their favourite food, which is helpful for the far more uncommon treats stated over. Bear in thoughts that every unique-colored critter is regarded a one of a kind variant. For instance, feed the white rabbit twice to have the white rabbit appear in your selection.

To set a critter as your companion, go to your wardrobe and decide on the companion portion. Choose any of those you have unlocked, and it’ll comply with you around as long as you want it to – no feeding needed. To see the full record of offered critters, go to the assortment menu.

Disney Dreamlight Valley animals: critter collection

All animals and their favorite food items

With the Forgetting obtaining ruined the valley, it’s no surprise that these minor creatures can be a minor skittish, so some need a a lot more thoughtful solution. The info under will enable if you’re struggling to quit them working absent, and lists their favourite treats.


  • Site: Plaza
  • Food items team: Fruit and nuts
  • Favorite meals: Peanuts
  • Variants: Black, basic (tan), Grey, Pink, and White.

Squirrels are fairly effortless to obtain, as they’re clearly hungry small issues. You’ll spot them functioning all-around the plaza, and you really should just be equipped to stroll straight up to them and interact with them. If not, you may have now fed them for the working day.


  • Location: Tranquil Meadow
  • Food group: Veggies
  • Favourite food: Carrots
  • Variants: Black, Brown, Calico, Classic, and White

Rabbits are far more playful than squirrels, and will have their pleasurable with you just before getting your food stuff. As you strategy a rabbit for the first time, it will bounce up and down before managing absent. Never be perturbed, only chase just after it. It will do this a handful of occasions, before lastly settling extended enough for you to interact.

Sea Turtles

  • Area: Dazzle Beach
  • Meals team: Shellfish and Seaweed
  • Favourite food items: Seaweed
  • Variants: Black, Brown, Traditional (environmentally friendly and brown), Purple, and White

The unbelievably lovable sea turtles are shy, and will not enable you get up shut right absent. As you commence to get also near to a sea turtle, it will pull its head into its shell and shake nervously. Quietly wait it out and do not shift, and it will inevitably pop its head back again out, eagerly propping alone up on its front legs, ready for some seafood.


  • Areas: Forest of Valor
  • Meals team: Fruit
  • Favorite food stuff: Blueberries
  • Variants: Black, Blue, Typical (grey), Red, and White

If it have been doable, Raccoons are even tougher to solution than Sea Turtles, and will give you the runaround. You’ll have to tread very carefully, and maintain your distance to begin with. Wait around for the raccoon to stop and glimpse all over eagerly, and commence creeping slowly and gradually toward it, stopping just about every pair of measures. It is wearisome, but you are going to sooner or later get close more than enough to feed it.


  • Site: Glade of Belief
  • Food items group: Shellfish
  • Favorite food: Lobster
  • Variants: Blue, Vintage (eco-friendly), Golden, Pink, Purple, and White

The crocodile is effective in nearly the identical way as the raccoon. All over again, when you place a distant croc standing even now, you can start off to strategy. Hold out until finally its head is down and prevent moving every time it looks up. As you technique and interact, it will endearingly place its head on the floor, submitting for its tasty treat.


  • Locale: Sunlit Plateau
  • Food items team: Flowers
  • Favorite food items: Bromeliad
  • Variants: Emerald, Golden, Orchid (purple), Red, and Turquoise

The amazing birds flit all around the Sunlit Plateau at some pace, but you should really continue to be equipped to catch up to them and interact with them rather easily.


  • Place: Frosted Heights
  • Foodstuff group: Fish
  • Favourite foods: White Sturgeon
  • Variants: Black, Blue, Vintage (brown), Crimson, and White

Like rabbits, foxes have a playful character, and will stimulate you to chase them all-around before feeding them.


  • Locale: Overlooked Lands
  • Food items group: Not known
  • Favourite food items: Not known
  • Variants: Blue, Brown, Typical (black), Red, and White

Disney Dreamlight Valley squirrel animal companion

Unfortunately, we’re nonetheless waiting to get to the Neglected Lands, but we’ll update you as soon as we know more about the mysterious Ravens that reside there, and how to feed them.

Now you know how to feed each critter in Disney Dreamlight Valley, you are going to need to have to unlock their person biomes. Take a glimpse at our beginner’s tutorial, which consists of some recommendations for earning Dreamlight and unlocking villages. We have also got the Dreamlight Valley crudites and fish sandwich recipes, as effectively as Remy’s renowned ratatouille recipe, so you really don’t forget about to feed your fellow valley inhabitants either.

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