How to catch a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite

Catching a Zero Issue Fish is a small trickier than wrangling any typical outdated tiddler, but you are heading to have to do just that in week 14 of Fortnite’s seasonal difficulties. It may well sense a tiny counterintuitive to go fishing though other gamers are shooting at you, but Fortnite’s fish grant unique effects, regardless of whether it’s restoring well being and shields or giving you very low gravity.

Zero Stage Fish, in certain, have a highly effective influence when you take in them, allowing you teleport leap utilizing the Zero Place Crystal impact. So, this is how to catch a Zero Point Fish in Fortnite, so you can comprehensive the week 14 problem, and get that 15,000 XP for the fight pass.

How to catch a Zero Stage Fish in Fortnite 

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