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With A 0ne Piece Game‘s Goku Update comes, you guessed it, a Dragon Ball-themed island complete with a Goku Support Style, Saiyan race, and even a Super Saiyan transformation ability. But how do you reach this island and become an all-powerful Saiyan? Continue reading the brief guide below to find out!

How to become a Saiyan in A 0ne Piece Game

At the time of this article’s publication, the only way to become a Saiyan is by rolling it in the race roller. To re-roll your race at any time, simply select the rainbow button that reads Re-Roll Race at the top of your screen. If you’re looking to reroll your race for free, be sure to check out our code article—sometimes free re-roll codes can be found there!

How to turn Super Saiyan in A 0ne Piece Game

In order to obtain the Super Saiyan transformation, you’ll first need to reach the Multiverse Sea—the experience’s third sea and the one that was added with the Goku Update. To do this, find the Multiverse Xury NPC who’s located on Dawn Island and speak to them. Upon doing so, you will have the option to teleport to Multiverse Sea.

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Once you’ve made it to the Multiverse Sea’s spawn island, you should be able to spot Dragon Ball island in the distance—this is where we need to go next. On Dragon Ball island are two NPCs, Saiyan Andre and Saiyan Andre 2—in order to learn the Super Saiyan transformation, we must first purchase the Goku Support Style from Saiyan Andre 2 for 20,000 Gems. After this style has been purchased and equipped, we can speak to Saiyan Andre and purchase the Super Saiyan transformation for 10,000 Gems.

The moveset for Goku Style and Super Saiyan can be found below.

  • Goku Style
    • Punch
    • Kamehameha
    • Kiai
    • Meteor Combo
    • Spirit Bomb
  • Super Saiyan
    • Punch
    • Vanishing Kamehameha
    • Ki Burst
    • Meteor Combo
    • Super Spirit Bomb

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